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Post Dural Headache Treatments

Came across a wonderful list of drugs available for post-dural headaches: p13-14,23 If you can’t reach it, here is the list and more

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New Treatment for Uncontrollable headaches New RX for Nummular Headache Underlying

Had one case where I treated unrelenting headache with repeated IV Dihydroergotamine and metoclopramide just to find, as patient settled, that headache originated from a painful patch on the scalp called nummular headache. This is often due to a crushed nerve … Continue reading

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Kidney Stone – Renal Colic – Ketoralac and Nifedipine Superior to Ketoralac and Tamsulosin

Spanish journal which I do not get but results seem clear enough – ketoralac 60 mg ?IM and Nifedipine XL 30 mg by mouth give best results.

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New Effective Treatment for Intractable Sore Mouth Mucositis

0.05% Methylene Blue oral rinse therapy was cheap and effective treatment for mucositis from chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Amazing result could be big help.

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Reasons Why Vit D Helps Chronic Pain Coming Clearer – Vit D Genes

A Fokl DNA gene polymorphism in the Vitamin D receptor would reduce its sensitivity to vitamin D. Vitamin D supports many metabolic processes beyond calcium and gene variations are even associated with certain cancers.  In athletes, the FF Fokl genotype … Continue reading

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Dry Eyes More Common In Certain Chronic Pains and Made Worse by Low Vitamin D – Replacement Helps

Prior I wrote about a Dry Eye- Mouth Syndrome (DEMS) that has some joint involvement. DEMS is associated with thyoid antibodies suggesting an autoimmune process (1). Now It was found more commonly in irritable bowel, chronic pelvic pain and irritable … Continue reading

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Shooting Trigeminal Neuralgia – Facial Epicrania Fugax – and a New Treatment

6-8 years ago a brief neuralgic pain in the scalp that radiated to front or back of head was described. I wrote about it here: Now a facially originated version has been defined and sounds very much like trigeminal … Continue reading

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Gabapentin Fails to Help Back Pain With or Without Sciatica

Not all that long ago, Canadian Indian Affairs mandated that native pain sufferers had to try  gabapentin/cymbalta like drugs first before certain opioids. I wrote about how poorly cymbalta worked: Now even gabapentin failed to help back pain with … Continue reading

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Does Etanercept Nerve Irritation Limit Use?

Many years ago I was injecting enbrel paraspinously near the nerve exit of sciatica nerve location. I was using a full 25 mg and found it had minimal effects. I wrote E. Tobinick at times and wondered if it was … Continue reading

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Center Disease Control 2016 Recommendations For Using Opioids

CDC 2016 has put out a checklist for opioid use. It does not emphasize much on  use of injection, manual medicine and other alternative techniques but does give some guidelines.

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Could Marijuana Help Headaches?

With Medical Marijuana,  migraine frequency dropped from 10.4 to 4.6 headaches per month.

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Resistant Depression – Does Folic acid Prevent Lamotrigine From Working?

Recent study added lamotrigine to depressed subjects already under treatment. Folic acid supplementation appeared to prevent any improvement versus those not on supplementation.

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Canadian Marijuana Presciption Steps

I am trying to put together a list of steps for prescribing Marijuana. This is version 1.1 – please provide additional steps. Our province dos not cover this drug even for palliative care patients (yes, we are in a bible … Continue reading

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Metformin is Mitochondrial Enhancer and Helps Bipolar Depression

A 25 yr old bipolar patient of mine was put on metformin and a weight loss program prior to hip surgery. Her mood was more stable and she noticed particularly fewer manic episodes. There is evidence in literature for metformin helping bipolar … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia (FM) – Mitochondrial Dysfunction Helped by Metformin and Weight Loss

Adenosine Monophosphate activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) regulates cell metabolism  i.e “AMPK has a central regulatory role in cell metabolism, mitochondrial biogenesis and oxidative stress response”. Recent study of FM fibroblasts found AMPK downregulated.”AMPK down-regulation [is] at least in part responsible … Continue reading

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Pine Bark for Migraine?

Only study on Pine bark for migraine I could find used 1200 mg/day and did get impressive results on resistant migraines. But the best price I could get for that was $4/day..

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Migraine in Adolescence – Abortive Treatment -But in Canada you’ll Need a Pill Splitter

In the US, a drug combination for treatment of migraines has been released called  Treximet – sumatriptan (Imetrix) 10 mg and Aleve (Sodium Naproxen) 25  mg. It has been approved for use in adolescents 12-17. In Canada you’d have to … Continue reading

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Diabetic Neuropathy: Duloxetine Mediocre Results

For Diabetic Neuropathy – Recent study in China showed statistical significant drop of pain on Duloxetine but not clinically significant. – Have a look.

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Duloxetine For Fibromyalgia – Mixed Results

Initial study showed benefit only in first 6 weeks more than placebo and not after: Study glowingly mentions early effects but fails to mention lack of lasting effects Comment – I recently reviewed a back study that cleverly disguised their … Continue reading

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Amitriptyline – Not Much For Neuropathy Really

The initial study of use of Amitriptyline was a study with diabetic neuropathy where patients were subject to impressive coaching (calls from nurse and pharmacist) . That way doses of 75-150 mg were obtained. They were able to show benefits. … Continue reading

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Uncontrolled Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN) in Elderly subject – New Measures

Using 6% gabapentin, 4% amitriptyline,  ketoprofen 10%,  lidocaine 5%, and ketamine 10% probably in Lipoderm could give some relief topically.  Ketamine 100 mg/ml with 0.1 ml spray nasally could give additional relief.  30% mannitol might be good here.

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Resistent Post Herpetic Neuralgia Treatments – IV Magnesium for Neuropathic Pains

Three IV Magnesium  1mg /k in 100 mls saline  infusions over 1 hour – one every other day or Three 1 mg/kg Ketamine in 100 mls saline infused in over 1 hour ketamine  one EOD resulted in 7/15 magnesium and … Continue reading

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) – Finding Immune Mechanims Offers New Treatments

Finding high levels of  beta2 adrenergic receptor autoantibodies in CRPS cases might explain why steroids, tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha antagonist Adalimumab, IV Immmunoglobulins, and in present article Plasmapheresis can help in selected cases. In present study, these antibody titres fell … Continue reading

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Low Dose Neuropathic Pain Drugs Only Work in Combo – and then only a Bit

Neuropathic pain drugs by self have mediocre effects – often dropping pain by </= 2/10 points. At low dose Imipramine 75 mg/day and Pregabalin 300/day did not have significant benefit but the combo dropped VAS by One more than placebo … Continue reading

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Vitamin D – Could High Doses Help Pains?

4000 u/d vitamin D  lessening  Chronic Musculoskeletal Pains

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