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Does Job Rotation Reduce Illness?

Job Rotation reduces wrist and hand pains but doesn’t do much else according to a review.

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De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis – Needs injection Plus Splinting

Having a Dequervain’s wrist tenosynovitis fail injection means surgery is a distinct possiblity; thumb spica increased success rates. Injection alone was successful inĀ  69% without and 93% with splinting.

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Weightbearing Pains with Wrist in Extension: – Self Treatment

If get pains in wrist in extension – especially with pressure – then a strap self-mobilization technique could help.

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Pain Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery – Not So Simple

Recent study found an 8.3% incidence of regional pain following carpal tunnel surgery regardless of anesthetic technique.

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So How Does One Really Test For Carpal Tunnel?

One speaker I heard made very big about how eliciting a Tinel’s sign at the wrist was worthless for diagnosing carpal tunnel – so how does one do that? Given that sensitivities of Nerve Conduction sutdies can be from 49% … Continue reading

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Dorsal Wrist Impingement – How to Diagnose

Dorsal wrist impingement is pincing of dorsal wrist capsule between the extensor carpi radialis brevis and the dorsal ridge of the scaphoid. It’s diagnosis is strictly clinical.

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