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ECG Evidence of Acute MI with Left Bundle Branch Block

A modified Sgarbossa criteria can be used to suggested and Myocardial infarct in the presence of a LBBB. Additionally, it has been suggested to look for “Wellen’s signs” in V1-6: Wellens’  Type A – biphasic pattern of T waves in … Continue reading

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T Wave Inversion in AVL Could be Important – Don’t Always Rely on ECG Computer Diagnosis

In an acute coronary syndrome situation in emergency, ALV inversion had significance.  84.8% of patients had > 50% obstruction of the mid-segment left anterior descending (MLAD) artery.  In subjects with >50% obstruction, 84.9% had T wave inversion in one other … Continue reading

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Can a CT Diagnose Pericarditis? – About as Good as Flipping a Coin…

Pulmonary embolism CT protocol for pericarditis has a  sensitivity of 54-59% and specificity of 91-96%. A+cta Radiol. 2013 Dec 10. [Epub ahead of print] Accuracy of computed tomography findings in acute pericarditis. Hammer MM, Raptis CA, Javidan-Nejad C, Bhalla S. … Continue reading

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Chest Pains After Implanted Pacemaker – Moving Leads Resolves It

4 cases of chest pains that developed after pacemaker lead implantation resolved by moving the leads in heart!

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The Intercostobrachial Nerve(ICBN) -What is it and Why Can’t Breast Cancer Surgeons Deal Better With It? – and What Can You Do With It After.

Injury to the Intercostobrachial nerve following breast cancer surgery helps trigger the persistent neuropathic pains after. Why don’t we hear much about it? Here is some info on it.

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Subtle ECG Finding of Heart Attack

An upright T wave in V1 can be an indicator of Coronary artery disease and a bigger T wave in V1 than V6 suggsts Left Anterior Descending (the widow maker) blood vessel disease.

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Isolated Posterior Wall Infarction – Are We Missing It and Using Posterior Chest Leads to Find

Only 38% of Doctors can diagnose a posterior MI (heart attack) because traditional leads do not pick it up. I have on occasion seen someone with vague chest pains but a previous history of heart disease. If ECG is normal … Continue reading

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Breast– (Some Post Mastectomy) & Chest Wall Pains – Easy Fix

Study of Scapulothoracic Bursitis – Though 78.6%  presented with the breast/chest pain, a tender area was found posteriorly on the medial aspect of the shoulder blade(scapula). Injection of steroid to area relieved the breast/chest pain as well in 83.5% of … Continue reading

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Possible Curative Treatment For Post Mastectomy Pain

Continuous multithoracic level paraspinous blocks for 5 days lead to relative cure in certain post-mastectomy patients.

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Venlafaxine Helps Non-Cardiac Episodic Sternal Chest Pains in Young People

There is a condition where intermittent sternal chest pains, angina like in character, develop.These develop in young people and workups are negative. Esophageal hypersensitivity has been shown to exist in these cases. Venlafaxine has been shown to help.

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Post-Chest Surgery (Post – Thoracotomy) Shoulder Pain Cure But Only in Those With Sore Shoulder Muscles – Suprascapular Block and New Way to Do Block

Of 92 cases of post-thoracotomy muscular only shoulder pain, 83.5% obtained satisfactory pain relief from suprascapular nerve block

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