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Algorithm For Post Hernia Pains

Concise choice selections for what to do with nerve damage level post hernia pains. I love algorithms – they are so practical.

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Post Hernia Pain – A Simple Surgical Cure For Some – Directed Neurectomy.

Technique involves injecting  ilioinguinal nerve  (by anterior superior iliac spine) – with dye and local – if get GOOD temporarly relief – then go in right after and remove all dye stained areas including ilioinguinal nerve. In selected cases (good relief with … Continue reading

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Post Hernia Surgery Pain Nerve Blocks No Help In Moron Study

Rather than using a nerve probe to see if needle is in right position to refer to painful area, ultasound was done. In only 1 case was the right nerve area hit by injecting ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves seen so they assumed nerve … Continue reading

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Injecting Painful Scars

Intradermal injections of local and subcutaneous injections of steroid have been used for scar pain. This study compared intradermal dexamethosone and botox and got 25%  and 30% relief repectively lasting 4 and 8 weeks respectively.

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Pain After Inguinal Hernia Repair – What to Do

This is the title of a French article discussing the problem recently.

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Lidocaine Patches For Post Surgical Chronic Pains

Recent poster demonstrated how use of lidocaine patches reduced area of pain in  traumatic neuropathies about the knee. These were not recent operative cases.  Could this work for all post surgical pain problems?

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Spinal Cord Stimulation – Good Control of Post Hernia Pains

15 Cases of intractable chronic post-operative groin pain post hernia surgery had spinal cord stimulation leads implanted. All experience >75% reduction in pain and in some cases back pain was covered some as well.  11 stopped painkillers; the other 4 … Continue reading

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MRI’s Don’t Help in Post Hernia Surgery Pain Management

Though faith runs high in MRI’s – in Post hernia pain issues they do not help

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IlioInguinal Neurectomy For Persistent Post Hernia Pain

Of those post hernia pain cases that responded to ilioinguinal nerve freezing block, “complete or partial pain relief was achieved in 66.7%”

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What Does One Do To Prevent Post Surgery Pains?

Significant numbers of people are surprised to find themselves living in chronic pain after surgery. There are a growing number of options found helpful

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Post Hernia Surgery Pain Protocol and Other Options

Recent Article gives a flow chart for dealing with post hernia pains – all leading to a surgical nerve removal procedure called Endoscopic retroperitoneal neurectomy.

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Post Hernia Surgery Helped by TENS and Should Surgeons be Doing Hernia Repairs if They do Not Know How to Deal with the Persistent Pain Afterwards?

Pain after hernia surgery is common. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TNS) seems to help post operatively and one wonders if it might have lasting effects. I was always taught that one should not do a procedure unless one can deal with … Continue reading

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