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      I have extreme hyper mobility and unexplained stomach pains as well. The stomach pains had began as a child and food intolerance as well as laxatives were provided. I too began limiting certain foods for various reasons at a young age i.e. 3-7 before limiting diet for known psychological reasons i.e. Anorexia/ Dysmorphic body disorder, beginning at about age 9 from my recollection. The stomach pains were diagnosed numerous times throughout my life from growing pains, allergies, anxiety… multiple ambulatory “gull bladder attacks” to GERD, ovarian cysts, stomach virus and food poisoning (while overseas), back to peptic ulcers and burst cysts that have landed me literally on the floor and in the emergency room at least yearly for all of my life. I have been tested and do have gluten and cows milk allergies as well as allergies to almost everything: to note: the animal and enviro allergies didn’t seem to become an issue until my early teens when I also had diagnosed athletic asthma( for a few years only). Now, age 32, I have constant constipation/IBS and what seems like either yearly or possibly seasonal stomach pains that they diagnose as ulcers or cysts. I’m wondering if it’s not a bug? I have always suffered with some psychological issues, however I have also had continuous emotional and physical traumas that have made healing almost impossible lol. I spent my teens on multiple SSRI’s as well as Venafelaxine and some sort of tranquilizer i.e. Clonazepam, lorazepam, multiple others and my twenties on and off increasingly stronger opioids as physical injuries took place. Note: also finding in these times of my inability to handle any NSAIDS (even with stomach coater). So it made sense to me that opioids=gastric issues. Or is there something more? I read an article on the relation between EBV and thyroid issues as well as auto immune disease ( have been in process of/ diagnosed with hypo thyroid, bouts of psoriasis (started after a slip and fall in which I broke skin on the knee and soon after found skin plaque) as well as high rheumatoid factor, reynauds syndrome and arthritis found in X-rays in low back, hips, and around foot joints where previous surgery had been done. Note: pins put in my feet later found by another orthopedic surgeon that the wrong surgery was done back in 2010 as improper healing continued for years post. I have known adolescent scoliosis, multiple car accidents including neck Injury and blunt force trauma to multiple areas, the last being to head, neck and knees(2006). And since then a few major slip and falls, which over the last year has been causing extreme pain. I had a slipped/bulged disc diagnosed years ago and re occurs almost yearly. Joint pains seemingly connected to rheumatoid with fever, redness, swelling and then of course chronic fatigue that varies from mild to extreme mixed with insomnia, ptsd and now unexplained almost noctual sleep disorder in which I find myself asleep standing, or shortly after falling, in odd sitting positions or areas, possibly tied to times of extreme stress… i.e. Flying? Apologies for all the information, it keeps coming to me so I hope to maybe shed some light in well, any of the areas. The major point being pain, hypermobility, and stomach issues… I hope it’s ok I have so much info that’s unrelated. There is more… much, much more, but sadly my ADHD and lack of memory has my vocabulary and categorization skills quite limited. Plus years of moving, short doctor visits and inability to figure out one issue at a time has me now frozen and all this + + + to deal with and few to no doctors that care to try and figure it out. I don’t blame them. None the less, thanks for the space to let me share. I’m open to answer any other questions anytime here : or in office. Bless your heart for having me. You’re one of the only ones to have actually helped improve my daily struggle. So thank you. Good luck and take care.
      This would be one of the worst cases. I have a diagram to catalogue the issues in chronic pain. Here is my guess of what I have got out of hers: My perspective: With so many potential pain factors suspect might only achieve a palliative care level of pain control 0) Gluten free diet and more; Rushing around form of exercise 1) Lifelong history of mood disorder with PTSD and ADHDis likely a flavor of Bipolar Disorder. You might notice certain times of year where you feel more nervy and the pains are worse. 2) Hypermobility with severe bowel issues from bowels just "bouncing" on stools rather than propelling them ( and don't forget terminal constipation = won't come out last inch) 3) Obvious multiple antoimmune illnesses - Polycytic ovaries (maybe), Thyroid, Celiac, Psoriasis). I would suspect you would have chronic low iron with the celiac malabsoption and maybe low B12. 4) All leading to Undiagnosed inflammation - I would expect considerable morning stiffness and back pain. I would treat you initially with prednisone though it would play a number on your nerves, followed by methotrexate like they use in RA 5) What you did not mention was any numbness in your hands or feet which I suspect must exist as an autoimmune small fiber neuropathy - Frequent B12 shots, steroids help 6)Sleep disorder probably lifelong and related to bipolar illness - I would use quetiapine or olanzepine 7) severe chronic constipation which would respond to magnesium citrate, restoralax and constella 240 mg (not cheap) 8) multiple peripheral issues in back, leg, and neck 9)Severe pain which might respond to: daily B12 shots, high dose vitamin D, Testosterone gel - testim Pramipraxole spironolactone Prednisone Marijauna twice weekly ketamine shots meditation - hypnosis If pain is severe, she would be better off on methadone I will add to this but thought she deserved some sort of answer air max air max
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