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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) – More Complex in Chronic Pain

POT’s is a syndrome where one is unable to maintain blood pressure standing and so often faint –  and is often associated with attacks of tachycardia. Finding this situation in a chronic pain patient, greatly complicates the situation, and makes … Continue reading

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CRPS – Why Are Doctor Too Dumb to Use Prednisone Steroids?

The most successful treatment for CRPS especially early is Prednisone. It is even used in wrist fracture situation. Yet this fact seems not all that well known as is the fact one should continue the course for 8 weeks. Needless … Continue reading

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What can One Do For Severe Limb Pain? Epidural Motor Cortex Stimulation

Severe limb pain unresponsive to treatment ends up a surgical problem with spinal or ganglion stimulation becoming more common. A pain pump is an option. Motor cortex stimulation is as well, if pain is localized.  This is technically more difficult … Continue reading

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Will Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation Surpass Spinal Stimulation re Pain RX?

Spinal stimulators are often used in resistant pain cases. Where there is a peripheral source like CRPS of knee, a dorsal root ganglion stimulator was much preferred over spinal stimulator

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Hopeless Case Of Lower Leg CRPS Helped by Pulsed Radiofrequency of Sciatic Nerve at Knee

Pulsed radiofrequency to dumb down treated nerve is becoming a useful adjunct to treating untenable pain CRPS states. Post hip fracture leg painv pain state left patient with VAS 6-7/10 with breakthru of 9/10.  Following dropped to 3/10 – after … Continue reading

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Resistent Post Herpetic Neuralgia Treatments – IV Magnesium for Neuropathic Pains

Three IV Magnesium  1mg /k in 100 mls saline  infusions over 1 hour – one every other day or Three 1 mg/kg Ketamine in 100 mls saline infused in over 1 hour ketamine  one EOD resulted in 7/15 magnesium and … Continue reading

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) – Finding Immune Mechanims Offers New Treatments

Finding high levels of  beta2 adrenergic receptor autoantibodies in CRPS cases might explain why steroids, tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha antagonist Adalimumab, IV Immmunoglobulins, and in present article Plasmapheresis can help in selected cases. In present study, these antibody titres fell … Continue reading

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Pamidronate in Severe Knee Pain

Filling in my contention that pamidronate is very useful in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is an older article using it for CRP of the kneecap.

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Stellate Radiofrequency Neurolysis for upper limb CRPS

Severe pains in various locations in arms can respond to burning the stellate ganglion in the neck.  67.6% of radiofrequency destruction  cases obtained  >50 % pain inprovement for over 2 years while those with just anesthetic block got 21.2% for 2 year … Continue reading

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Case of Wrist Complex Regional Pain (CRPS) Helped by Dextroamphetamine

While dealing with infertility with dextramphetamine, patient’s wrist CRPS pains issues subsided

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Reaching “Critical Mass” to Achieving Pain Control – Procedure Pearls

I have recently achieved (previously unattainable) control in some of my chronic pain subjects using recent innovations – but to acheive this required use of multiple modalities at once.

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Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) Touted as Only Curative Agent For Pain That Has Centralized

When pain becomes severe, constant, and unremitting –  chances are high the pain has imprinted on the brain and centralized. This is a tragic disease with poor treatment options. In those that persisted with treatment (failures may have dropped out?) … Continue reading

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Confirmed Again – Biphosphanates Work In Complex Regional Pain

Over and over again Biphosphonates have been shown to help CRPS except one study that only bothered to give one infusion. A new agent not yet available in Canada,  Neridronate, at 100 mg given FOUR times over 10 days was found to … Continue reading

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The Intercostobrachial Nerve(ICBN) -What is it and Why Can’t Breast Cancer Surgeons Deal Better With It? – and What Can You Do With It After.

Injury to the Intercostobrachial nerve following breast cancer surgery helps trigger the persistent neuropathic pains after. Why don’t we hear much about it? Here is some info on it.

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Severe Ankle Pain – No Cause – Ankle CRPS and Oral Biphosphamates Might Fix and Anterolateral impingement

Recently had a cause of severe ankle pain in a pain prone patient. Complex  Regional Pain Syndrome  (CRPS) – aka. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy might be a possibility and it now appears oral risedronate 2.5mg per day, or alendronate at 35mg per … Continue reading

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Pain Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery – Not So Simple

Recent study found an 8.3% incidence of regional pain following carpal tunnel surgery regardless of anesthetic technique.

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Depression is a Form of Pain and Ketamine May be a Cure if One Can Make It Last

Recent studies has demonstrated short infusions of ketamine can quickly and perhaps completely remove depression for up to 1 week (who says there is no happy pill?). Infusions for neuropathic pain can give significant improvements for time periods as well. … Continue reading

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Lidocaine Patches For Post Surgical Chronic Pains

Recent poster demonstrated how use of lidocaine patches reduced area of pain in  traumatic neuropathies about the knee. These were not recent operative cases.  Could this work for all post surgical pain problems?

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Are Cold Knees a Bad Sign After Injury?

In a study of women with knee pains, colder knees on exam and thermography were associated with worse condition, suggesting they might be a mild form of Complex Regional Pain.

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Small Spot Body Pain Treatment – Pen like Electrical Skin Stimulation

In the scalp, when there are small spots of severe pain, they call it nummular headache areas – they are remarkably resistant to treatments (botox helps though). Similar painful areas the size of the palm were treated with a 2 … Continue reading

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Simplest Ketamine Technique Ever for CRPS – Low Dose 10 mg Ketamine Subcut Weekly

Ketamine use is complicated – it is a restricted drug that is abused as “special K”, it can cause dysphoria and hallucinations at higher doses; It is a general anesthetic at high dose. A pain anesthetist tells me it is just too … Continue reading

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Casting Without Fracture Can Initiate CRPS in Animals – Cause of CRPS

CRPS is induced by a constriction event like a too tight cast.  Capillaries in affected area collapse and develop endothelial protrusions that do not allow red blood cells through.  Pro-inflammatory cytokines likie Interleukin – 6 and TNF alpha are increased. … Continue reading

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Cheap Infrared Treatment of Chronic Regional Pain

There have been various reports of Infared spot treatment for limb CRPS. The  Infrared laser machine is very expensive – there is a cheap substitute that seems to help

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Possible Curative Treatment For Post Mastectomy Pain

Continuous multithoracic level paraspinous blocks for 5 days lead to relative cure in certain post-mastectomy patients.

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No Hope Severe Neuropathic/CRPS Pain?- 4-5 Day IV Lidocaine to Rescue

One study found a 5 day courses of IV lidocaine useful in both Complex Regional Pain and Peripheral nerve injury neuropathic pain.  Other used 1 hour sessions of increasing dose daily for 4 days. Each got good results. When all … Continue reading

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