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Medial Knee Pains – in Adductors – What Can You Do?

Pain and spasm on the inside of the knee in adductors is not uncommon – – especially in the heavy set with stairs. A brutal stretch massage can relieve but takes effort and willingness of subject to deal with the … Continue reading

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Botulinum For Joint Pains

Study did meta-analysis of multiple article and found at 1 or 2 months will drop pain by 1.1/10 with no difference between 100 or 200 units. Often there is significant inflammation around the knee – anserine bursa being an obvious … Continue reading

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Lateral Patellar Knee Injection Technique Best

I’ve always liked the anterior knee injection using a 2 inch needle but have had to accept the recent statistics put forth by Durolane injectable lubricant that lateral injection mid patellar is better

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Do Soft Knee Sleeve Help Knee Pain? – Yes

I was always suspicious that soft knee sleeves just cover up the pain area without helping.  However multiple studies show benefit and presence of “stay” supports does not add any benefit.

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Certain Orthopedic Issues over 70 yr Old – Easy Pain Help – low Dose Radiotherapy- But Will you ever see it?

Low dose Radiotherapy over age 70 has minimal risks but can often drop pain by 1.9/10 in following issues – sore heel and achilles pains, knee pains, and trochanteric bursitis.

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Pain News – Short Snaps June 2017

June 2017 Pain News: I put them up as short snaps because not going to blog note them – hope you like. You will probably not find many in news elsewhere.

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Osteoarthritis (OA) Knee Suffers Should Limit Walking to 30 min at a Time

I’ve treated OA knee patients with various measures, steroids, lubricants and prolotherapy only to find they were excessively walking because they though it would be good for them. Now it’s been shown that limiting walking to 30 minutes at a … Continue reading

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One Reason Osteoarthritis Bad in Canadian Prairies – Persistent Low Vitamin D Levels – and Supplements Prevent

I do vitamin D levels on all my patients coming in for physical – they are almost always low. – Recently demonstrated that persistently low levels of Vitamin D associated with accelerated osteoarthritis and helping that helps. …

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Improvements in functioning are dependent or pain relieving measures not mental health – hip and knee replacements

Fear avoidance model makes one consider cause of disability is in the psyche. Normalization of physical functioning despite mental health status with  knee replacement belies that contention and further suggests those with mental health issues can have joint replacements.

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Topical NSAID Ketophen or Diclofenac – Poor Showing

Topical anti-inflammatory drug would be the safest way to go in knee arthritis for example. Yet the number of patients needed to treat to help one case was Ketoprofen – one in 6.9 cases Diclofenac (Voltaren) – one in 9.8 … Continue reading

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MRI God Fails Again – Peroneal Neuropathy

Peroneal neuropathy is a symptom complex of shin weakness, atrophy and foot drop, and knee pain. A common cause is a cyst in the nerve as it wraps around fibula. However, this will be missed in 64% of MRI negative … Continue reading

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Good Cane Use

In Dr. Travell and D. Simon’s book they talk about proper cane position: – on opposite side to leg pain (it become good leg when you lift good leg)-shoulder horizontal with cane held out 15 degrees from body Now additionally, … Continue reading

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Patellofemoral (PF) pain – New Hope – Femoral Nerve Stretching Helps Half

Another looking out of the box study. Supposed part of PF pain is neurologic and stretched femoral nerves. In cases that tested as having “tight” femoral nerves (positive femoral slump test) which was about 1/2 of cases, treatment resulted in … Continue reading

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Use of Bio Skin Q Brace in Patellofemoral Arthritis

Bio Skin® Q Brace™ reduced pain in knee patellofemoral OA and reduced bone marrow edema seen   

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Low Vitamin D associated with Osteoarthritis

This is not necessarily new – Framingham study found that low vitamin D was associated with with “an increased risk for progression of osteoarthritis of the knee” back in 1996. This seems to have been forgotten.  Now a new study … Continue reading

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Pamidronate in Severe Knee Pain

Filling in my contention that pamidronate is very useful in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is an older article using it for CRP of the kneecap.

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Osteoarthritis – Does Sierrasil Work? – No

One of my patients started on Sierrasil and said there was literature on its effectiveness – it does not say that it helps pain though..

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Hip/Knee Arthritis – Not Satisfied With Acetaminophen? – Using Arthritis Pills (NSAIDs) Instead Helps

When Osteoarhtritis patients were allowed to try NSAID instead of acetaminophen,  “proportion of patients on acetaminophen treatment during the study decreased from 74.8 % at baseline to 23.9 %, while the proportion on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increased from 59.8 … Continue reading

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Knee Arthroscopic Surgery – NEJM Needs to Get Their Story Straight

Quite some years ago, NEJM published an article saying flushing of the knee did not help knee pains, putting an end to that procedure. Now an article has been published by same journal says that partial arthroscopic meniscetomy does not … Continue reading

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Failed Knee or Shoulder Arthroplasty? – Intra-articular Botox Injections Help

50% reduction of pain was reported in about 1/2 of post shoulder and knee arthroplasty pain cases with Botox injections. This was sustained by repeated injections.

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Medial Femoral Condyle Knee OA – Is a Medial Plica the Cause?

Removal of the medial plica in cases of symptomatic plica with femoral condyle OA resulted in 88% excellent results at 6 months and 94% excellent results at 1 year. Conclusion was the plica was helping precipitate the OA.

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Knee Osteoarthritis – Both Band Resistance Training and “Home-based Kinesthesia, Balance and Agility” (KBA) Training Help Knee Pains But Combo No Better Than Either

You can reduce knee pains at home by 1/3 – 1/2 with exercises or balance trainings but the combo does not add anything to it.

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Distraction Technique For Osteoarithitis Knee For Young and Desperate

Putting pins below and above knee and then applying a traction device – for two months greatly relieves subsequent pain and allows cartilage regrowth. Most got some pin infection that required antibiotics at time.

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Taping Knees in Osteoarthritis- and Maybe Kneecap Pains

Knee taping can be self done and may reduce knee pains.

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Effect Of Cushioning Insoles on Workplace Back, Foot and Knee Pains

Use of sorbothane insoles cut  back pains by 38%, foot pains by 37% and knee pains by 38%. Relief in back pain did not mean relief in another areas. Wonder if antifatigue covers would help more.

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