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Masseter Facial Myofascial Pain – Botulinum Treatment

Treatment of Masseter Mysofascial pain with botulinum was successful in 64% of cases.

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TMJ – Upper Joint Injection Technique

I had always thought injecting the TMJ laterally in upward direction would be best. A posterior approach was found more effective in the swine equivalent.

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Sleep Bruxism Temporarily responds to repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

Stimulating the primary motor cortex representation of masseter muscle “bilaterally for 20 min per side each day for 5 consecutive days”  significantly reduced bruxism and opened up a new avenue of treatment.

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Bruxism – How do You Treat Besides Splints

Review on Bruxism Rx suggests splints, particularly mandibular advancement splints, clonidine or clonazepam, maybe botulinum, and nocturnal clenching biofeedback.

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Widespread Pain and Dizzy – Ear Canalithiasis? (rocks) and Repositioning Them Helps Whiplash, TMJ, and Fibromylagia

Study suggests dizzy whiplash and widespread pain cases could respond well to middle ear grit repositioning measure.  This is being able to see way outside the box…

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Bruxism (Teeth Clenching) – At Last a Treatment

Electrically stimulating a masster muscle should pulse go over 110% during night helps suppress bruxism.

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Is TMJ Issues a Problem of Same Side Chewing?

Subjects with TMJ were asked to chew almonds to see how a splint worked – 16/20 chewed on affected side leading author to dub it the “Habitual Chewing Side Syndrome”

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Smokers 1.5 times More Back Pain – Does Quitting Become An Effective Treatment?

This was a large Canadian study and results demonstrated “this association remained significant after controlling for sociodemographics and any lifetime anxiety or mood disorder.”  If smokers back pain dropped to normal after quitting, this would result in a 33% improvement. … Continue reading

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TMJ Osteoarthritis(OA) – Diclofenac and Splints Work

Study finds in cases that meet the criteria for actual osteoarthritis in TMJ responded equally as well to Diclofenac and splint althought the former worked faster

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