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Helps to Diagnose Hypermobility / Ehlers–Danlos syndrome

German journal article has good templates for diagnosing Ehlers–Danlos syndrome and I thought the world should share this…

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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) Works Even in Rats

Intramuscular Needle electrical needling of trigger knots in rat gastrocnemius(calf)  results in less irritable sites. I use IMS for areas I wish to avoid use of local (neck, about hip where need to be able to walk after etc.).  I … Continue reading

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Some Fibromyalgias are Treatable Arthritis

I have a patient with psoriatic arthritis that had widespread pains. His rheumatologist told him it was “fibromyalgia” He developed such bad bronchitis I had to put him on steroids – at which point his “fibromyaglia” pains went away. He … Continue reading

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Chronic Nonspecific Shoulder Pain -Look For Infraspinatus Trigger

At a recent conference, it was stated that the Infraspinatus muscle was key to all pain in the upper quadrant. He advised rolling a lacrosse ball back and forth it over it. You either sit or stand against a wall … Continue reading

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Office Factors Related to Chronic Neck Pain

Keyboard too close, too long in one job position, and muscle tension are 3 factors found in one study

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Frozen Shoulder – Just a Little Cortisone But More Blocks Help

Study found 20 mg Kenalog worked as well as 40 mg and another found you don’t even need to hit the joint. I supplement suprascapular and quadrilateral space blocks as well as subscapularis working out.

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Needling Lower Trapezius Helps Unilateral Neck Pains

Needling the lower trapezius muscle was found beneficial in chronic neck pain. I was so taken with the approach then had to injecting lower trap(with muscle relaxed rather than stretched) that I had to include a pic of actual treatment … Continue reading

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Vitamin D – Could High Doses Help Pains?

4000 u/d vitamin D  lessening  Chronic Musculoskeletal Pains

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Fibromyalgia (FM) Falls – Stiff Ankles Contribute

A study found falls in FM related to reduced dorsiflexion (bringing toes and foot up). The question is how does one fix that.

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Nocturnal Calf Cramps – Trigger Injections Help

Injections into gastrocnemius not only helped nocturnal calf cramps – they helped the insomnia as well

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Reaching “Critical Mass” to Achieving Pain Control – Procedure Pearls

I have recently achieved (previously unattainable) control in some of my chronic pain subjects using recent innovations – but to acheive this required use of multiple modalities at once.

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What Causes Hand Tingling in Computer Terminal Operators – More Myofascial Than You Would Think

The causes of hand tingling in computer operators were : myofascial pain syndrome, 68%;  cervical radiculopathy (arm sciatica), 27%;  shoulder rotator cuff syndrome, 11%;   forearm tenosynovitis, 8%;  and carpal tunnel syndrome, 5%.

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Severe Neuropathic Pain – Only 1/4 Respond to Standard Drug Protocols – What Else Is There?

Presentation at Canadian Pain Society Winnipeg 2013 found only 23.7%  of severe neuropathic pain victims responded to Canadian Pain Society drug protocols for neuropathic pain. It is time to look outside the box for treatment measures.

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Unilateral Interscapular Pains – Dorsal Scapular Nerve Entrapment – Forgotten and Now Rediscovered

    About 30 years ago, I attended a course given by Drs. Travell and Simon.  Dr. Simon was discussing interscapular pains and Dr. Travell mentioned – don’t forget the scalenes – something that Dr. Simon replied he was getting … Continue reading

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Tissues Around Knee Contribute to Pains

For years, I have been working and injecting the muscles around the knee to promote relief from knee pains. Sometimes it makes a big difference; sometimes the joint line osteoarthritis is more important.  Two studies hi-light muscle issues  in patellofemoral … Continue reading

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Low Vitamin D and Chronic Pain – What is the Evidence?

In 2006, My Daughter, Janice Montbriand, published a poster called Commonly Missed Factors in Chronic Pain. Vitamin D deficiency was one of them. Since the there have been a variety of confirmatory studies – with some negative ones as well. I … Continue reading

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Sciaitica, Bone Cyst in Ilium, and Gluteal Tight Muscles – down right leg – needs help

Chronic sciatica /buttock pain  – I recently received a request for help…

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Can’t Get Rid of Shoulder Tip Pain? – Think C4/5 Neck Facet

Various measures have been used for trapezius tip pains but they keep coming back. Now it’s confirmed the neck is a player.

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Neck / Shoulder Tip Pains, Tired and Dizzy When Upright – Maybe Coat-hanger Hypotensive Events

Postural Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure on standing) is associated with neck and shoulder tip pains in what is thought a hypo-perfusion issue.  One should notice being dizzy standing up – something that can happen after head injury and also spinal … Continue reading

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Muscle-Joint Pains, Dry Mouth and Eyes? – Maybe You Have DEMS/SAPS with Thyroid Antibiodies

DEMS – dry eyes and mouth syndrome; SAPS – sicca asthenia polyalgia syndrome These cases do not qualify for sjogren’s syndrome but have “Sicca [dryness] symptoms and “nonspecific musculoskeletal pain”. They were found to have 59.2% thyroid peroxidase antibody rate … Continue reading

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Diabetic Have More Muscle Pains

Diabetics are 1.6 times more likely to have chronic musculoskeletal complaints yet in non-diabetics, a high random glucose is associated with less complaints.

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