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Nonspecific pain in the Little Finger Hypothenar Eminence Hand – Pisiform Instability

Pisiform instability can cause nondescript pain over lateral hand eminence, and in some cases present with ulnar nerve damage. It is little recognized.

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Alternate Cause of Thumb MCP Joint Pain – Sesamoiditis – With Tests

There are small bones surrounding certain joints called sesamoids. In the thumb, they can get inflamed at the thumb MCP joint and respond to 10 mg triamcinolone injection or rarely to surgical removal.

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Does Job Rotation Reduce Illness?

Job Rotation reduces wrist and hand pains but doesn’t do much else according to a review.

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Extensor Digitorum Brevis Manus as Cause of Dorsal Hand Pain Myalgias – Botox Rx

This  anomalous hand muscle presents as a a “fusiform, soft prominence” between the 2nd and 3rd extensor tendons near the wrist to hand. It can become sore as it is compressed against the extensor retinaculum and possibly irritates the posterior interosseous nerve.  … Continue reading

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Bad Raynaud’s? – Botox It.

Raynaud’s phenomenon responds to Botulinum injection of neurovascular metacarpal bundles. Can get occasional temporary finger weakness (max 2-3 months)  though. Pain relief can last few months to more than 6 year

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Vitamin B6

For years, it was suggested that people with carpal tunnel should take B6, but it fell out of favour ( in my mind) when excessive B6 was found to be neurotoxic. Now a recent study has confirmed use of B6 … Continue reading

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Hook Hamate Fractures Missed – New Test For

Missing a Hook of Hamate Fracture presents a medico-legal nightmare somewhat like missing a scaphoid fracture. It is often a “unbalanced loaded” racket sports related injury or direct blow.  Pain may not be severe and plain xrays are often normal. … Continue reading

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Hyaluronan for Base Thumb Osteoarthritis (OA)

Injectable “lubricant” hyaluronan gives some relief of Carpal-metacarpal OA Thumb. One ml was injected weekly over 3 weeks.

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