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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) – More Complex in Chronic Pain

POT’s is a syndrome where one is unable to maintain blood pressure standing and so often faint –  and is often associated with attacks of tachycardia. Finding this situation in a chronic pain patient, greatly complicates the situation, and makes … Continue reading

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Is Sensitive Skin Neuropathic?

Study in Dermatology journal suggests 1/5 of subjects test positive with quiz DN4  for neuropathy

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Progress in Mastocytosis Diagnosis in Saskatchewan

After a talk with our provincial lab, serum tryptase levels will be allowed for select patients

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Is Fibromyalgia a Mast Cell Disease – like some “somatization diseases” such as migraine, TMJ, irritable bowel, and interstitial cystitis

Sorry – trying to change fonts has duplicated some areas… It is become increasingly clear that so-called “somatization” “psychosomatic” diseases are associated with abnormal concentrations of mast cells – guardians of  peripheral sensitization and also carriers of allergy reactions such as hives. … Continue reading

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Multiple Allergies, Hives and Abdominal Pain – Think Mastocytosis

I have seen cases of severe Irritable Bowel, combined with allergies and hives, that require multiple medications to control and are disabled from symptoms. These cases are discarded by gastroenterologists yet might represent a systemic disease called Mastocytosis.

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