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Resistant Tennis Elbow – Open Release or Radiofrequency Microtenotomy – and More

Randomized trial of open release (OR) or radiofrequency microtenotomy (RFMT) for tennis elbow. Article suggests: “As a result of the extra expense of RFMT, we therefore recommend that OR is offered as the standard surgical management.”

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Taping Elbow Reduces Tennis Elbow Pains 50% – But Maybe Use a Band?

Taping around a tender tennis elbow can reduce pain from 4/10 to 2.2/10

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Autologous Whole Blood Almost as Good as Platelet Rich Plasma in Chronic Tennis Elbow – And Alot Cheaper

Went to recent program that stated that though there were studies that showed no difference – there was one that did when injecting Platelet Rich Plasma versus using once spin down plasma (Autologous Whole Blood) The improvement was only statistically … Continue reading

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How Effective Are Forearm Straps And Wrist Splints For Tennis Elbow ?

Looks like extension wrist splint straps help a bit but tennis elbow bands don’t do much

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Tennis elbow and desperate – try Duloxetine

Two cases resistant to any treatment responded to Duloxetine suggesting complex origin.

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