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Severe or Neuropathic Groin Pain – Obturator Neuropathy

Have and elderly fellow that just persevered with severe left groin pain as was just something he should put up with. He had not been sleeping and daughter noted cognitive decline with it. Exam of hip was a bit sore … Continue reading

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Chronic Scrotal Pain Algorithm

Chronic scrotal pain can be an enigma – this new article gives detailed options for investigation and treatment. I have spent a great deal of time trying to give a clear view for people –  let me know if you … Continue reading

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Treatment of Resistant Osteitis pubis with Pamidronate

Back in 2001, 3 subjects with resistant osteitis pubis had monthly infusions of 60 mg pamidronate – one for 3 months and 2 for 6 months. Two had no known cause and one had inflammatory arthritis. All recovered and had … Continue reading

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MRI in Sports Hernia – Looks Into Cause But Does Not Change Treatment

Always wondered if imaging sports herniaas much help  – apparently not much help in treatment.  Older study but  their conclusion: – ” MRI revealed a variety of pathological findings in athletes suffering from chronic groin pain, but it was not reliable … Continue reading

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Inguinal Groin Pain They Can’t Figure Out – Consider Femoroacetabular Syndrome Hip

Recent article found 10-15% of inguinal groin pain actually comes from an abnormality of the front of the hip joint. These people often are involved in multiple investigations when, injection of hip joint with local, proves the diagnosis.

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Sore Pubic Joint – Osteitis Pubis How Does One Treat It?

Article in press reviews literature and treatment measures for osteitis pubis

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