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Chronic Tennis Elbow Might Be an Instability Issue

Chronic tennis elbow might involve instability in elbow joint. I remember being taught to always inject the radio-humeral joint and I can see why if much of the time pathology exists there. Might explain recurrence rates.

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Taping Elbow Reduces Tennis Elbow Pains 50% – But Maybe Use a Band?

Taping around a tender tennis elbow can reduce pain from 4/10 to 2.2/10

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The Missing Aspects of Tennis Elbow Treatment – Axillary and Scapular Triggers to Treat Segmental Hypersensitivity

Chinese article claims adding injections to “dorsal scapula” triggers and sore spot in axilla can allow lateral epicondyle injections to work 100% of time.

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Does Neuropathy Form a Part of Chronic Shoulder Pain? And Nerve Irritation the Basis to Some Chronic Knee and Tennis Elbow Pains

One dumbed down rhizotomy –¬†42 degrees centigrade pulse treatment to the suprascapular nerve going to the shoulder can give long term 50% relief of various forms of chronic shoulder pain. The ease of this effect (only one treatment)¬†makes one wonder … Continue reading

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Resistent Tennis Elbow – Platelet Rich Plasma May be No Better Than Whole Blood Injection

Both whole blood and platelet rich plasma work in resistent tennis elbow – but it takes 3 month for most improvement. There is no statistical difference between the 2 therapies.

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Elbow Pain Where Can’t Fully Extend – Posterior Olecranon Impingement

Have a couple cases where cannot fully extend elbow and in considerable pain posteriorly on olecreanon rim. Attempts to exercise it to extension just cause pain. Loose bodies and spurs can cause trouble but are often not visible on xrays. … Continue reading

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New Tennis Elbow Treatment – Inject Lubricant (Hyaluronate)

New Study form London, Ontario: Subjects with 3 month + tennis elbow. Injection of 1% Hyaluronate into “into the subcutaneous tissue and muscle 1 cm. from the lateral epicondyle toward the primary point of pain” twice a week apart led … Continue reading

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