Lakeshore Meditation Group

Lakeshore Meditation Group is run by Roger, a longstanding Buddhist.

He  works under the direction of a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. He teaches secular meditation though has separate classes in Buddhism for those that are interested. He will be starting a new introductory meditation group soon,  for the medically afflicted. This will be on select Saturdays at 10:30.

Once brought up to speed, this group can join the regular meditation group that meets certain Wednesdays 7: 30 pm and select Saturday AMs. All activities are at the Lakeshore Medical Clinic.

Initial training is in Calm Abiding Shinnay Meditation. Though secular in nature, Roger insists that caring altruism must be a motivation for learning this art. Because the Lakeshore Medical Clinic values his work, he has been given an office in which he can also train people privately. Arrangements for this can be made by leaving your name, phone and if have, your email at the front desk.

He also handles advanced training in Loving Kindness Tong Len meditation –  a powerful tool to deal with anger and promote serenity and, more recently, found to promote longevity.

He has piloted training distance clients online using Skype and found it quite successful.

It is hope this blog page can give information on upcoming events. Membership to this group is strictly regulated by Roger and only for Medically Afflicted. We feel very privileged to have Roger in our midst.


News :

Meditation Saturday at 10:30 March 31st.

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  1. Denise says:

    I would like to know if you or someone you know has an injury of some sort we are having a petition out on May 16th at 1:00pm if interested we are located in Edmonton AB. You can ask any questions there is another girl is in alot of pain all the time.

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