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Poor Pain Treatment – Here We Go Again

Back in the 1984, I listened to Dr. John Bonica admonishing Doctors over the poor treatment of cancer pain. I felt ashamed. Now, with the war of Chinese based Fentanyl washing over all use of opioids, cancer patients are again … Continue reading

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On Oxaliplatin Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer? Would taking Melatonin Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy?

In rodents, Melatonin helps prevent peripheral nerve damage from Oxaliplatin for colon cancer without reducing its cyotoxic effects on cancer. Doses were large, but I would give it a try..

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Prostate Cancer – Does Early NSAID (Arthritis Pill) Use Help?

Early NSAID use in prostate cancer could potentially cut death risk to 1/3 though high dose late use, thought related to bone pain use, shows opposite.

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Morphine Does Not Facilitate Breast Cancer in Animal Model

Frequent concern is whether meds someone is taking is making their cancer worse. In the animal model, morphine does not help breast cancer.

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DN4 Outperforms In Diagnosis of Cancer Neuropathy

Douleur Neuropathique in 4 Questions (DN4) proved more sensitive to neuropathic pain in cancer than the Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs (LANSS) – 87.5% for DN4 versus 68.1% for LANSS in sensitivity. However LANSS had slightly better specificity … Continue reading

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Chest Wall Cancer Treatments

Very clearly defined treatments for chest wall cancer makes it easy to know what to do.

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Some Supplements May Aid Cancer Growth – A Few Might Stop

One would naturally assume keeping in good health through supplements would help your fight with cancer. Turns out, cancers may like supplements too…

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Chemotherapy Neuropathy – Prevent and Treament

Use of agents to reduce chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy confounded by issues of decreased anti-cancer effectiveness. L-Acetyl Carnitine during chemotherapy, and Venlafaxine or Duloxetine after are my choices.  Tricyclics, gabapentin, lyrica, and topical agents did not rate well and belie … Continue reading

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