Prostate Cancer – Does Early NSAID (Arthritis Pill) Use Help?

Early NSAID use in prostate cancer could potentially cut death risk to 1/3 though high dose late use, thought related to bone pain use, shows opposite.

Prostate. 2015 Jun 12. doi: 10.1002/pros.23020. [Epub ahead of print]
Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and prostate cancer survival in the
finnish prostate cancer screening trial.
Veitonmäki T et al.

  • 6,537 men followed for 7 years
  • study is flawed by fact NSAIDS are used in the last few years of survival to help with bone pain.
  • To compensate, they omitted from study, the use of NSAIDs in the last 3 years prior to death.
  • When this is done, postdiagnostic  death risk was cut to 1/3 of normal (Hazard Ratio (HR) 0.30 95%CI 0.24–0.39).

Comment – this is large benefit and needs repeating in prospective trials. What is interesting in the fact inflammation is thought to promote cancer growth and of course NSAID’s would counter that. Prostate cancer patients should not forget the protective effects of  Vitamin D 4000 iu/day:
Vitamin D Supplements Might Slow Prostate Cancer

and use of metformin:
Diabetes drug showing promise for prostate cancer treatment

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