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Lateral to Upper Eyelid Lacrimal Neuralgia

Poorly known pain condition affecting outer eyelid and temple area. Such conditions I thought no one would care about but have had thank you’s in past so here it is.

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Botulinum Helps Photophobia and Dry Eyes

People who were given botulinum for migraines found coincidentally that phobia and dry eye symptoms improved as well.

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Topical NSAID’s Don’t Work Much for Corneal Abrasions

A review of studies on topical NSAID’s did not find strong reason to use. Agents included 0.1% indomethacin, 1% indomethacin, 0.03% flurbiprofen, 0.5% ketorolac, 0.1% diclofenac). The article was only an abstract; they grudgingly admitted used of oral painkillers might … Continue reading

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Dry Eyes More Common In Certain Chronic Pains and Made Worse by Low Vitamin D – Replacement Helps

Prior I wrote about a Dry Eye- Mouth Syndrome (DEMS) that has some joint involvement. DEMS is associated with thyoid antibodies suggesting an autoimmune process (1). Now It was found more commonly in irritable bowel, chronic pelvic pain and irritable … Continue reading

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Dry Eyes ?Cured by Peri- Lacrimal Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma

Dry eyes was significantly improved by repeated injections of  platelet rich plasma around lacrimal gland

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