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Chronic Severer Abdominal Pain – Why Has It taken So Long To Realize it’s Partly the Abdominal Wall and Treatable?

Early last year I wrote about my experience chronic severe abdominal pain as it being from the abdominal wall: Chronic Severe Abdominal Pain is a Skin Nerve Pain Now, someone has taken it a step further by doing a … Continue reading

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Pain News – Short Snaps June 2017

June 2017 Pain News: I put them up as short snaps because not going to blog note them – hope you like. You will probably not find many in news elsewhere.

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Recurrent Abdominal Pain (RAP) in Children – More Than it Seems

European study found in RAP syndrome without any alarm features, 57% were found to have organic disease – and treatment of such lead to resolution of symptoms. Things found included: 19 (22.6%)  lactose intolerance. 17 patients (20.2%)  celiac disease. Two … Continue reading

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SSRI Antidepressants Work Better Than older TCA Antidepressants in Irritable Bowel

Traditionally, an old antidepressant, amitriptyline, has been used for irritable bowel at doses far lower than its antidepressant level, as an aid to stimulating endophin system etc. Now it appears that more up to date SSRI’s work better. This was … Continue reading

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Confirmed – Resistant Ulcerative Colitis – Fecal Transplant Works 1/2 Time

70%  showed clinical response, and “13 of the 30 (43.3%) patients achieved clinical and endoscopic remission.”

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Advanced Gallbladder Testing Can Miss Disease

Two approaches to gallbladder advanced testing – use of fatty meal (FM) as a substitute for cholecystokinin (CCK) in pain reproduction during hepato-imino-diacetic acid (HIDA) scan in functional gallbladder disorder. – will miss 1/2 of cases

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Protocol for Treating Polycystic Kidney Disease Pain

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) can end up with such severe pain that they wish nephrectomy. I’m hoping this protocol reaches kidney societies that can lobby for aggressive pain treatment to keep things under control.

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Kidney Stone – Renal Colic – Ketoralac and Nifedipine Superior to Ketoralac and Tamsulosin

Spanish journal which I do not get but results seem clear enough – ketoralac 60 mg ?IM and Nifedipine XL 30 mg by mouth give best results.

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Bacterial Overgrowth and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – What is the Hypothyroid/Levothyroxine Connection?

Hypothyroid victims on Levothyroxime have a 3 times relative risk to having bacterial overgrowth and the IBS connection that goes with it.

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New Effective Treatment for Intractable Sore Mouth Mucositis

0.05% Methylene Blue oral rinse therapy was cheap and effective treatment for mucositis from chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Amazing result could be big help.

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Can Pharyngeal GERD Be Cured?

Reflux into throat has a something in throat “globus “feel, throat clearing and annoying  cough. When ulcer “PPI”pills fail one author suggests injecting T5-6, 1 cm from spine, to influence sympathetic nerve trunks and gradually reset the nervous system – … Continue reading

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Chronic Severe Abdominal Pain is a Skin Nerve Pain

Lidocaine freezing, administered rectally, can eliminate bowel pains temporarily. Having done that in a case of severe chronic abdominal pains, I found very tender nerve tracts from back to lower abdomen and pelvis on right side, explaining most of the … Continue reading

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Celiac is More Painful Than Thought – and What Does That Mean?

In seeing new pain patients, I became painfully aware that Celiac or at least gluten sensitivity has a definite presence- so much so that I always looked for it. Now, it looks like “anybody is fair game” now that even … Continue reading

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When Irritable Bowel is not Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Had patient in today with dark blood stools previously diagnosed with Irritable bowel but more much likely now colitis. Had another case recently worked up by a gastroenterologist with nothing organic found – yet fact subject eats  a lot of … Continue reading

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Hives with Nonspecific Gut symptoms – Consider Blastocystis

Blastocystis is a protozoan thought commensal (normal flora) but actually shown to cause disease in humans. Now a particular subtype is linked to urticaria/hives.

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Irritable Bowel – Hypnosis helps

Hypnosis is a useful adjunct to IBS treatment.

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C-section Birth – Is Painful Uterine Scar Bad – a Bit

1/10th of painful uterine scars will rupture; none in the non painful group. However all rupturing cases had other features – abnormal fetal monitor (4), peritoneal signs (2), high fetal station (2) or vomiting(1).

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Chronic Diarrhea? -Think Bile Malabsorption(BAM)

“The estimated prevalence of BAM is >90% in patients with resected Crohn disease (CD) and 11% to 52% of unresected CD patients (type 1); 33% in diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (type 2); and is a frequent finding postcholecystectomy or postvagotomy … Continue reading

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New Rx For Chronic Abdominal Pain – Pulse Radiofrequency to Bilateral T10-T11

Patient with abdominal wall pain and no distinct triggers had bilateral pulse radiofrequency to T10 and 11. This brought pain levels down from 6/10 to 1/10 at 10 weeks by procedure and still relief after 10 months. Though their case … Continue reading

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Some Recurrent Abdominal Pains (RAP) in Kids are Missed Protozoan Infection

Some 6-11% of recurrent abdominal pains in children are protozoan infections. Those cases “did not show a characteristic presentation when compared with patients with other causes of abdominal pain” – so you can’t tell by looking at them.

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Indigestion Without Cause? – Stomach Germ Eradication Helps

Helicobacter pylori driven irritation is a prime cause of peptic/duodenal ulcers. Now in “functional dyspepsia” , particularly with stomach pain, it’s eradication shows benefit.

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Anorectal Pain of Unknown Cause Effectively Treated With Sacral Nerve Stimulation

Chinese article claims sacral nerve stimulation cured 19/32 and improved 12/32 cases.

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Persistent Heartburn Despite Meds – A Hypersenstive Esophagus Helped by Citalopram

Persistent esophageal symptoms (heartburn, chest pain, and regurgitation) despite ulcer meds –  could be the results of a spastic oversenstive esophagus that may respond to serotonergic agents – like antidepressant citalopram.

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Celiac – Hard to Diagnose

Recent talk at CAOM meeting clarified how difficult diagnosis celiac disease is – with an average diagnostic delay of 11.7 years – and some approaches that could help

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Women With Severe Irritable Bowel and/or Ovarian Cyst Pain May Have Something Else – and a Test For It

I have seen 2 cases of severe intermittent lower abdominal pain (both more left sided) with a background of lesser pains seen by various doctors with out relief and pain relieved in 1 minute – by pushing their inguinal hernia … Continue reading

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