C-section Birth – Is Painful Uterine Scar Bad – a Bit

1/10th of painful uterine scars will rupture; none in the non painful group. However all rupturing cases had other features – abnormal fetal monitor (4), peritoneal signs (2), high fetal station (2) or vomiting(1).

 Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 2013 Dec;123(3):200-2.
Persistent abdominal pain over uterine scar during labor as a predictor of
delivery complications.
Cohen A, Cohen Y, Laskov I, Maslovitz S, Lessing JB, Many A.

  • A painful uterine scar is one that is still tender between contractions.
  • 1/10 of these were rupture so it is not that bad a sign
  • without other signs mentioned above, none of them ruptured
  • not that specific – 8.2% of cases not rupturing had above signs

Comment – if scar is tender during labor, most of time you will be ok, but watch monitor, peritoneal signs, high riding fetus, or vomiting.. bracelet pandora pas cher bracelet pandora pas cher

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