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What Does One Use For Worst Topical Pains – Lidocaine2.5% /Prilocaine 2.5%

I remember lidocaine/prilocaine mix as Emla – used to put on sites for those terrified of needle pokes. It didn’t have “poison prevention packaging” and was removed from market though generics are available or compounding pharmacy can make up. Was … Continue reading

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New Effective Treatment for Intractable Sore Mouth Mucositis

0.05% Methylene Blue oral rinse therapy was cheap and effective treatment for mucositis from chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Amazing result could be big help.

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Finger Bruising – Recurrent Spontaneous

There is a subgroup of people who will spontaneously develop bruising in the palm side fingertip of a finger. It is a known syndrome – so don’t think you are crazy..

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Scar Pains – More Injections to Cure Than Think

I was taught that a simple intradermal injection of local could eliminate scar pains. Now it is becoming clearer that repeated injections are often needed and the addition of cortisone is often necessary for results.

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Calcinosis Cutis – Under Skin Painful Deposits and Ulcers

Calcinosis Cutis is a disease of abnormal calcium skin deposits. Found in Connective tissue diseases like Dermatomyositis and CREST syndrome, in some  cancers, in genetic disorders,  and with infections and injury.  It presents with hard nodules that can be painful, … Continue reading

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Lipoedema – Pain Relief With Liposuction

With Liposuction, Lipoedema pains dropped from moderate to near none and relief persisted, on 8 year followup.

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Does Itching Between Shoulder Blades Drive You Nuts? – Botox It

Noctalgia paresthetica is considered nerve damage in between shoulder blades leading to itching in areas. Treatments have not been that satisfactory to date

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Newer Treatment For Ingrown Toenails – Once Spicule Out and Healed, Metal Brace It Straight = Orthonyxia

Spicule removal and later, metal bracing nail straight, has been shown equivalent to partial matrix excision

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Latest in Skin Piercings

Not to Miss in the Trend For Body Piercing, I Offer This Technique of Nail Piercing

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Article: A sterile, simple, effective & pain free method of removal of adhesive dressings

OK – I’ll bite – how does one do that?…

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New Cure For Untreatable Warts – Inject Them With MMR vaccine

Study involving treatments of warts- some multiple and recalcitrant (mean ~8 months), found a 81% cure rates (versus 27.5% in control saline injection group) with intralesional injections of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine.

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Multiple Allergies, Hives and Abdominal Pain – Think Mastocytosis

I have seen cases of severe Irritable Bowel, combined with allergies and hives, that require multiple medications to control and are disabled from symptoms. These cases are discarded by gastroenterologists yet might represent a systemic disease called Mastocytosis.

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