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Chronic Rectal Perineal Pain Helped by Simple Caudal Block

80 year old with sharp, intermittent, burning pain worsened on sitting down relieved by simple steroid caudal block when all other measures failed.

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Vulvodynia or Pudental Neuralgia -Simple Repeated Injection Breakthrough Treatment

A simple perivulvar way to do pudental like blocks, if repeated, can lead to astounding improvement in pain in perineal areas – either vulvodynia or pudental neuralgia. I have achieved control in one case of either but don’t know yet … Continue reading

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Clitoral Pain Following Hysterectomy – Finally an Effective Treatment

This can be a terrible situation to deal with. Had one case many years ago. Went back to the gynecologist who had nothing to offer.  Too tender an area for injections. Now it looks like spinal cord stimulation can help.

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Question Related To Interstitial Cystitis Problem

Do you have any further info up to date for 2010 as my IC friend’s condition is very severe presently for last 2 weeks & here in India we are being told they know little about IC. She’s desperate for … Continue reading

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Perineural “Tarlov” Spinal Nerve Outlet Cyst Pains – Overlooked and Treatable

I have a patient with multiple level cysts where the nerves exit the spine in the neck. He also has some mild foraminal stenosis. He is symptomatic with arm and referred upper back pain. Getting his problem taken seriously has … Continue reading

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New Treatment of Perineal / Pelvic Pain – Botox to Ganglion Impar

Sometimes chronic perineal pain comes out of the blue and one could certainly use a secret weapon. Botox to ganglion impar reduced one case of perianal and genital pain from 8/10 to 2-4/10 for months. 

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