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Sacroiliac Joint – Leg symptoms

SI joints generate significant amount of lateral thigh and inguinal area pains.  About 1/3 will complain of lateral thigh numbness as well.

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MRI God Fails Again – Peroneal Neuropathy

Peroneal neuropathy is a symptom complex of shin weakness, atrophy and foot drop, and knee pain. A common cause is a cyst in the nerve as it wraps around fibula. However, this will be missed in 64% of MRI negative … Continue reading

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Pramipexole Stops MS in Animal Model – Helps Restless Legs, Fibromyalgia, and May Help Resistant Depression

In the mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis, Pramipexole, a antiparkinson drug, stops the brain neuroinflammation and that form of MS called “Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis”. This agent is used extensively for restless legs – Got MS and restless legs? – I … Continue reading

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Hopeless Case Of Lower Leg CRPS Helped by Pulsed Radiofrequency of Sciatic Nerve at Knee

Pulsed radiofrequency to dumb down treated nerve is becoming a useful adjunct to treating untenable pain CRPS states. Post hip fracture leg painv pain state left patient with VAS 6-7/10 with breakthru of 9/10.  Following dropped to 3/10 – after … Continue reading

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Lipoedema – Pain Relief With Liposuction

With Liposuction, Lipoedema pains dropped from moderate to near none and relief persisted, on 8 year followup.

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Celiac is More Painful Than Thought – and What Does That Mean?

In seeing new pain patients, I became painfully aware that Celiac or at least gluten sensitivity has a definite presence- so much so that I always looked for it. Now, it looks like “anybody is fair game” now that even … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia (FM) Falls – Stiff Ankles Contribute

A study found falls in FM related to reduced dorsiflexion (bringing toes and foot up). The question is how does one fix that.

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Nocturnal Calf Cramps – Trigger Injections Help

Injections into gastrocnemius not only helped nocturnal calf cramps – they helped the insomnia as well

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Venous Leg Ulcer? – Simvastatin 40 mg/day Speeds Healing

With  leg ulcers less that 5 cm size, all healed in simvastatin group versus 50% control. With ulcers over 5 cm, 67% of simvastatin group closed versus none of control group.

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Remarkable New Treatment – Injecting Over Tenderized Skin Nerves With Plain 5% Dextrose

For year I felt the main expression of chronic pain was through activation of myofascial knots – now it looks like tenderized skin nerves is a front runner. Merely injecting D5W overtop tenderized nerve tracts an average of 6 weekly … Continue reading

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Reaching “Critical Mass” to Achieving Pain Control – Procedure Pearls

I have recently achieved (previously unattainable) control in some of my chronic pain subjects using recent innovations – but to acheive this required use of multiple modalities at once.

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Flossing Saphenous Nerve For Saphenous Neuralgia

saphenous neuralgia is not uncommon – here is how to free it up (floss it)

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Effect Of Cushioning Insoles on Workplace Back, Foot and Knee Pains

Use of sorbothane insoles cut  back pains by 38%, foot pains by 37% and knee pains by 38%. Relief in back pain did not mean relief in another areas. Wonder if antifatigue covers would help more.

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Plantar Fasciitis – Need Both Orthotics and Calf Stretching Night Splint To Make a Difference

Recent article did not find orthotics by self made a difference, but when combined with dorsiflexion calf stretching night splint reduced pain by 50% in 8 weeks.

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Tissues Around Knee Contribute to Pains

For years, I have been working and injecting the muscles around the knee to promote relief from knee pains. Sometimes it makes a big difference; sometimes the joint line osteoarthritis is more important.  Two studies hi-light muscle issues  in patellofemoral … Continue reading

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Morton’s Neuroma Surgery – severe foot pain option

Morton’ neuroma causes pain in the 3-4th metatarsal head areas with numbness in the corresponding 3rd and 4th toes. The pain, including burning pains in area can become extreme. Surgical removal works well 51-85% of time.

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Midfoot Pains – Response to Injection

Over 1/2 of patients will get sustained relief of midfoot pain for 3 months with steroid injection

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Simple Sciatic Leg Pain Relief – Repeated Simple Knee level Peroneal Blocks

Repeated peroneal nerve blocks can remarkably control sciatica leg pains in most cases and avoid the necessity of surgery .

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Easy Control For Bad Menstrual Cramps, Restless Legs in Fibromyalgia, and Occipital Migraines – Using Ivory Scent Oil

Ivory Scent oil patches were found to give quick relief for menstrual cramps and when applied to leg, for restless legs My Daughter and I are doing a survey of women with Fibromylagia. If you have Fibromyalgia, could you be … Continue reading

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Post Knee Replacement Pain – Needs Help

I got the following email: “I had knee replacement about 3 years ago, got along famously, no problems. Now I have severe pain at night and cannot sleep. It starts at my knee on the outside and extends up to … Continue reading

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Episopic Burning Feet? – Erythromelalgia They Call It – Newer RX

Erythromelalgia (EM) is a syndrome of  burning pain in the feet often accompanied by redness and  warmth,and  often aggravated by heat and exercise. Cold water soaks are the mainstay of treatment. Painkillers are usually ineffective. IV lidocaine and mexelitine hold … Continue reading

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Large Painful Legs Is Not Necessarily Obesity – Could be Lipedema – Blame Your Parents

Large legs, with little pitting, is an abnormal accumulation of fat in the legs, often hereditary in nature and very often mis-diagnosed. The pain is treatable.

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Celiac Disease Could Mean Pain and What About Iron For Restless Legs?

Celiac Disease is associated with multiple problems – migraines, restless leg syndrome (RLS), and now prevalent subclinical sacroliitis. Low iron is implicated in RLS but results on iron supplementation is mixed.

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Hamstring Syndrome of Tethered Sciatic Nerve – Newer Entity With Surgical Treatment

This syndrome comprises of pain in the gluteal region radiating down thigh to the posterior knee popliteal fossa. It is associated with hamstring weakness. A series of 43 cases were found in athletes and surgically rectified. This resulted in a … Continue reading

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Achilles Tendonitis – New Eccentric Program

Achilles Tendonitis is one condition I hate and any treatment program is welcome. This is an upgraded eccentric program that does not involve dorsiflexion (foot pushed up from normal)

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