Sacroiliac Joint – Leg symptoms

SI joints generate significant amount of lateral thigh and inguinal area pains.  About 1/3 will complain of lateral thigh numbness as well.

Clin Neurol Neurosurg.  157, June 2017,  55–58
doi: 10.1016/j.clineuro.2017.03.020.
Leg symptoms associated with sacroiliac joint disorder and related pain.
Murakami E et al

  • 100 cases diagnosed by periarticular injection (I know – not reliable)

Had in interesting perspective of SI joint: – upper ligamentous and lower a joint:

  • 94%  pain at or around the posterior-superior iliac spine (PSIS).
  • 64% pain
  • 52% sensation tingling or numbness

Leg Pain areas:

  • 36% posterolateral thigh
  • 28% posteromedial thigh
  • 23% from the hypogastric to inguinal area (groin pain)
  • 6% at the ischial tuberosity in 6 patients (6%)
  • 3% lateral ankle pain.

numbness leg areas:

  • 30% posterolateral thigh
  • 12% back of the calf
  • 10% anterolateral thigh
  • no numbness gluteal nor groin

Comment – surprising amount of leg numbness feelings in SI joint issues. One wonders if comorbid piriformis issues contributed. sac michael kors sac michael kors

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