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Prostate Cancer – Does Early NSAID (Arthritis Pill) Use Help?

Early NSAID use in prostate cancer could potentially cut death risk to 1/3 though high dose late use, thought related to bone pain use, shows opposite.

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Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Not that Great

One would think minimally invasive prostatectomy would have fewer side effects – in the postop period they do, but not in the long term…

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So You Had Prostate Cancer Surgery and They Didn’t Get It All – What Does It Mean to You

Where there was a positive margin after prostate cancer surgery, time until PSA starts rising depends on how many margins, and what per cent of the prostate was cancerous.  Tables have been plotted for such.

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Could Isoflavinoids Reduce Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Problems?

Isoflavinoids may reduce urinary incontinence, urgency, erectile dysfunction, rectal cramping/diarrhea, and pain with bowel movements – while pateints are on radiation. Annoyingly, there weren’t enough cases to be sure of anything…

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