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Vulvodynia Treatments 2017

New approaches include topical neuromodulation which means “Podophyllotoxin (5 mg/mL) applied locally to tender points of vestibule after 5% acetic acid application. Treated area was covered with a mild estrogen cream and covered with gauze pads until the next day” … Continue reading

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Do Estrogen Creams Help Vulvodynia? – Maybe…

Estrogens, in 18-45 age group daily application, reduced dyspareunia 27% versus 3% in placebo though that was not considered statistically better due to small sample size – so answer is maybe…

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Vulvodynia or Pudental Neuralgia -Simple Repeated Injection Breakthrough Treatment

A simple perivulvar way to do pudental like blocks, if repeated, can lead to astounding improvement in pain in perineal areas – either vulvodynia or pudental neuralgia. I have achieved control in one case of either but don’t know yet … Continue reading

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Endometriosis – Continuous Birth Control Pills- Does it Help?

Review article covered recent literature and found what one would expect – of course.

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Vulvodynia in Young Can Be Helped by Treating Hip

6/7 women aged 20-29 with vulvodynia and hip pain experienced significant relief by having therapeutic arthroscopy for hip femeroacetabular syndrome. None of the 19 older cases sustained any benefit.

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Endometriosis and Painful Bladder Syndrome: Evil Twins in Regard to Chronic Pelvic Pain

In chronic pelvic pain,  61% will have painful bladder syndrome, 70% will have endometriosis, and 48% will have both. They do indeed seem to be evil twins often  operating together.

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Rubbing Medial Shin Point Bilaterally 20 Minutes Total Significantly Relieves Menstrual Pain

Rubbing Lateral Shin Acupuncture point SP* 5 minutes clockwise on one leg and 5 minutes counterclockwise on other dropped pains from 6.8/10 to 4.5/10.

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Endometriosis Involves Nerve Fiber Growth Disease – Not In Head

Womb lining (Endometrium)of those with endometriosis (those with womb lining outside the womb) have six times the nerve fivers in the emdometrial lining. This is got to hurt…

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Easy Control For Bad Menstrual Cramps, Restless Legs in Fibromyalgia, and Occipital Migraines – Using Ivory Scent Oil

Ivory Scent oil patches were found to give quick relief for menstrual cramps and when applied to leg, for restless legs My Daughter and I are doing a survey of women with Fibromylagia. If you have Fibromyalgia, could you be … Continue reading

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What Can One Expect After a Hysterectomy?

Women after hysterectomy seem alarmed by bleeding. Yet Cervical Stump symptoms can cause persistent bleeding in 17% in the abdominal hysterectomy(SAH) group and 24% in the laparoscopic group(LSH). Chronic pain issues may not go away.

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New Treatment For Vulvodynia – 6% Gabapentin in Lipoderm

6% Gapapentin in Lipoderm is helpful in vulodynia. Interesting how they made it up.

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