Endometriosis – Continuous Birth Control Pills- Does it Help?

Review article covered recent literature and found what one would expect – of course.

Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2015 Jul;292(1):37-43.
doi: 10.1007/s00404-015-3641-1.
Continuous versus cyclic oral contraceptives for the treatment of endometriosis:
a systematic review.
Zorbas KA(1), Economopoulos KP, Vlahos NF

  • Continuous pills are monophasic just one combination of estrogen/progesterone – not changing dose through cycle of pills .
  • Continuous pills do not have placebo pills – like in Seasonale does
  • Some studies mentioned had women on continuous meds for 24 months.
  • Continuous meds include Seasonique and Lybrel in US but only Seasonique in Canada.
  • Seasonique containes 33 ug of ethinyl estradiol and 0.15 of levonorgestrel; Minovral contains 30 ug of ethinyl estradiol and 0.15 of  levonorgestrel. Given that seasonique is not on our drug plan, makes sense to just take Minovral without a break.
  • reduction of pain was the rule on continuous meds

Comment -going 6 month or more without a bleed makes more sense and no cramping between pill sets is necessary.

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