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Coccygodynia = Tender Coccyx – Inject Ganglion Impar

One Ganglion Impar injection achieved over 50% improvement for 82% of cases that lasted an average of 6 months.

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Sacrococcygeal (SC)Ligaments Look Like Facet Ligaments And May Be Source of Pain

On anatomical study “small nerve fibers were observed adjacent to the ventral aspect of the SC intercornual ligament and piercing the ligament in one specimen” – similar to what is seen in facet joints. Commentary on article speculated they could … Continue reading

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New Treatments For Coccygodynia (sore Coccyx)

Radiofrequency to coccyx interdisc, pulsed radiofrequency to ganglion impar, and coccyx removal are all being used in recalcitrant cases.

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Ganglion Impar Injection For Tailbone Coccydynia

Previously for ganglion injection, , injection through the sacrococcygeal joint has been suggested.  Recent information has found the ganglion is actually lower in the first intracoccygeal joint level.  Injection of this ganglion is an important treatment for coccydynia.    

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Topical Lidocaine for Coccydynia

I hate tailbone pains and failure to respond to steroid injections happens. One approach I noticed recently was use of a topical patch.  

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Sacral Nerve Root Stimulation Helps Coccygodynia

Sacral Nerve Root Stimulation (SNS) was compared with Peripheral Subcutaneous Field Stimulation (PSFS).  SNS attenuated pain 50 – 60% at low stimulation with good patient satisfaction.

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