Topical Lidocaine for Coccydynia

I hate tailbone pains and failure to respond to steroid injections happens. One approach I noticed recently was use of a topical patch.


Treatment of Coccydynia With a 5% Lidocaine Patch: A Case Report. Chiwai E. Chan, DO
(Stanford Interventional Spine Ctr, Palo Alto, CA); Raj Mitra, MD; Douglas G. Chang, MD,
Arch Phys Med Rehabil Vol 85, September 2004, Poster 170

  • Case 10/10 pain – after use of lidoderm patch was a 5/10
  • Post steroid injection, was able to keep it at 4/10

Comment – If you can’t get a patch to area, then 10% lidocaine Hydrochloride (not the inert base) in Uremol lotion ( Credit Dr. Harold Mersky) – this mix has increased penetration and effect.

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4 Responses to Topical Lidocaine for Coccydynia

  1. Lynn Salinger says:

    Lidocaine patches only work on superficial pain and have not helped at all with my coccydynia.

    • I was sent for pain specialist and was told the Lidocaine patch was not available in Canada? can you refer me to were you attained a prescription?
      Sadly it is not available – I had got some off ebay once but I see they have none now. I have written out how to make your own:
      Making Your Own Lidocaine Patches

      I originally made it on tinfoil with gelatin – I would suggest you could use any cloth material; 10% is more powerful. You will have to let them dry out a couple days – unless you want to hairblow/oven dry it dry to right consistency. In Canada I came across an ebay supplier:
      [I do not know these people]
      It appears to be the lidocaine HCL – the HCL being the soluble useful form.

      For those who do not like the homemade patches, I would suggest the lidocaine be put in uremol lotion – the urea in it improves penetration (credit Dr. Harold Mersky for that idea).
      I would put 4 teaspoons of the powder in 100 mls uremol lotion to get about a 10% – half that for 5%.

      It is acidic so rash is a possiblity.

      When unavailable online, your doctor can order in lidocaine powder for you (comes in 500 gm jars) – or prescribe it from the local compounding pharmacy – just make sure it is Lidocaine HCL – NOT lidocaine base which is insoluble.

      good luck

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