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Indication For Gallbladder Removal

Article starts by mentioning how up to 33% of cholecystectomy patients can have persistent abdominal pain so taking out Gallbladder (GB) is a serious decision. Indications however include frequent attacks, large stones, older age, inflamed GB attack(cholecystitis), and pancreatitis from … Continue reading

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Gluteus Medius Tendonitis Injection Treatment and more

Although the question of whether one is dealing with hip bursitis or is this referred from back is important, I wanted to clarify what steroid injection would do for seemingly glutues medius bursitis. One study suggests it was good in … Continue reading

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Shoulder Operation -More Confusion

A Canadian study on full thickness tears found the no-op subgroup did well over 5 years. A Netheraland study found removing bursa (B) and taking off acromium(A) not any better than just removing bursa alone  in chronic subacromial shoulder pain. … Continue reading

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Botulinum Helps Photophobia and Dry Eyes

People who were given botulinum for migraines found coincidentally that phobia and dry eye symptoms improved as well.

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Want Do You Do For Desperate Neuropathy? – Implantable Pain Pump

Some years ago, Neuropathic study demonstrated meaningful reduction in neuropathic pain occurred in only 23.7% of cases. Severe Neuropathic Pain – Only 1/4 Respond to Standard Drug Protocols – What Else Is There? Subject of present article was case … Continue reading

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Anterior Tongue Sore? – Consider Tooth Paste

3 cases submitted where the anterior tongue was sore because of the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in toothpaste

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Post Breast Surgery Pain – Clearer Reason It’s Bad – High Prevalence of Neuropathic Pain

Literature reviews suggest neuropathic pain in 1/4-1/3 of post breast cancer surgery patient. A review of the effectiveness of neuropathic pain found only 23.7% achieved any significant relief from usual pyramid schemes of treatment for neuropathic pain Severe Neuropathic Pain … Continue reading

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Do Soft Knee Sleeve Help Knee Pain? – Yes

I was always suspicious that soft knee sleeves just cover up the pain area without helping.  However multiple studies show benefit and presence of “stay” supports does not add any benefit.

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Back Pain -Easy Help -Slumping

Looking for cheap and easy techniques to treat pain, I came across a treatment for back pain using the slump test.  Sitting with legs out straight and your feet flat against a wall, you slump forward and put your head … Continue reading

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Does Cervical Traction Help Radiculitis of Neck? – Yes

metanalysis of studies shows positive effects of cervical traction.

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Vitamin D Mistake – Actual requirement Ten Times More

For years people were told they needed 400 u/day; Now it looks like 8000 is more like it. There are all sorts of cures for disease’s with taking vit d which is probably just making up for deficiency.

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Tolerance to Arthritis Pill Mediated by Opioid Tolerance System

NSAID/arthritis pills have painkilling action centrally and this now appears to be related to its effect on opioid system. Unfortunately it means you can develop tolerance either because you are on an opioid or because its effects on descending inhibitory … Continue reading

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Some Fibromyalgias are Treatable Arthritis

I have a patient with psoriatic arthritis that had widespread pains. His rheumatologist told him it was “fibromyalgia” He developed such bad bronchitis I had to put him on steroids – at which point his “fibromyaglia” pains went away. He … Continue reading

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Supraventicular Tachycardia (SVT) – New Predisposing Initiation Process

35% could bring on their SVT by flexing trunk – a sign they called  “sign of lace-tying.”

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Chronic Nonspecific Shoulder Pain -Look For Infraspinatus Trigger

At a recent conference, it was stated that the Infraspinatus muscle was key to all pain in the upper quadrant. He advised rolling a lacrosse ball back and forth it over it. You either sit or stand against a wall … Continue reading

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Extra B12 – Lung Cancer Link for Men

I have used frequent B12 shots as an analgesic for resistant pain cases. For men over 40, 10 yr. use of injectable B12 is linked to doubling lung cancer risk.

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Chronic Severer Abdominal Pain – Why Has It taken So Long To Realize it’s Partly the Abdominal Wall and Treatable?

Early last year I wrote about my experience chronic severe abdominal pain as it being from the abdominal wall: Chronic Severe Abdominal Pain is a Skin Nerve Pain Now, someone has taken it a step further by doing a … Continue reading

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Will Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation Surpass Spinal Stimulation re Pain RX?

Spinal stimulators are often used in resistant pain cases. Where there is a peripheral source like CRPS of knee, a dorsal root ganglion stimulator was much preferred over spinal stimulator

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Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) -Stiffness Disease

Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) is were you get extensive ossification of ligaments and entheses(endings of tendons and ligaments). It is relatively common (10% of people over 50). If you get boney bridging of vertebrae you can get a very … Continue reading

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Sjogren’s Dye Mouth Syndrome Responded to Bovine Clostrium and vitamin D

A vegetarian who develop Sjogren’s has zerostoma and sicca treated with B12 and Vit D without effect for 1 year. Adding bovine clostrium Lactobin improved things gradually.

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Topical NSAID’s Don’t Work Much for Corneal Abrasions

A review of studies on topical NSAID’s did not find strong reason to use. Agents included 0.1% indomethacin, 1% indomethacin, 0.03% flurbiprofen, 0.5% ketorolac, 0.1% diclofenac). The article was only an abstract; they grudgingly admitted used of oral painkillers might … Continue reading

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Persistent Groin/Buttock Pain Oft Post Hip Surgery Cause and Treatment

Close proximity of pelvis side wall (Ischium) and lesser trochanter of hip can cause pains in groin or buttocks. This ischiofemoral-impingement might required trimming or lesser trochanter. This is new to me.

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Median Nerve Flossing for Neck- Arm Pains

Several years ago I listened to a talk on using nerve “flossing” mobilizations to help victim with hypermobility issues. This would stretch the nerve in their “tracts” and help reduce pain. They were taught to do a routine -repeated like … Continue reading

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Alternate Cause of Thumb MCP Joint Pain – Sesamoiditis – With Tests

There are small bones surrounding certain joints called sesamoids. In the thumb, they can get inflamed at the thumb MCP joint and respond to 10 mg triamcinolone injection or rarely to surgical removal.

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Resistant Piriformis Syndrome – Could We be Missing the Boat? – Obturator Internus

I have a case of long term piriformis syndrome that I have been whittling away for some time. To be fair, she has seen multiple specialists and is some better but not enough to improve quality of life, (old sad … Continue reading

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