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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) – More Complex in Chronic Pain

POT’s is a syndrome where one is unable to maintain blood pressure standing and so often faint –  and is often associated with attacks of tachycardia. Finding this situation in a chronic pain patient, greatly complicates the situation, and makes … Continue reading

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One Reason Osteoarthritis Bad in Canadian Prairies – Persistent Low Vitamin D Levels – and Supplements Prevent

I do vitamin D levels on all my patients coming in for physical – they are almost always low. – Recently demonstrated that persistently low levels of Vitamin D associated with accelerated osteoarthritis and helping that helps. …

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Low Vitamin C Linked to Chronic Pain

Nationwide survey found low vitamin C highly prevalent in population and increases risks of chronic pain.

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Diabetic Neuropathy – B12 Helps While Vegan Diet Minimal Effects

Though 20 week vegan diet touted as helping diabetic neuropathy, its pain levels were no different than the B12 control and the foot skin conductance was not different. Only diffence was in McGill Pain questionnaire in the sensory fields. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Vitamin D – Could High Doses Help Pains?

4000 u/d vitamin D  lessening  Chronic Musculoskeletal Pains

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Low Vitamin D and Chronic Pain – What is the Evidence?

In 2006, My Daughter, Janice Montbriand, published a poster called Commonly Missed Factors in Chronic Pain. Vitamin D deficiency was one of them. Since the there have been a variety of confirmatory studies – with some negative ones as well. I … Continue reading

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Chronic Back Pain Help – Forgotten B12 Injections and What Else Good For…

Double blind, randomised, placebo – controlled trial of daily 1000U IM/day B12 for 14 days found significant benefit for people with chronic Low Back Pain. Cochrane review thought it was not high quality but sounded good to me; and for … Continue reading

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Zinc and Magnesium Deficiency Common in Fibromyaglia- and What are Zn and Mg Good For?

A recent article found a relationship of low zinc levels and tender point counts, and low magnesium and fatigue

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For MS Sake, Give Vitamin D to Your Kids

In 2006, a US military study did a GOOD perspective study on MS that involved taking blood samples some 4-5 years prior to the start of their MS. In subjects under 20, high vitamin D levels offered a high rate … Continue reading

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