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Chiari Help

Have had a vaiety of emails wanting to know where to go for help with chiari. Have a patient who intially was treated badly by various specialists in Canada (Regina, Calgary, Toronto) and found great help from contacts with sites … Continue reading

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Neck Pains and Widespread Problems like Fibromyalgia(FM) – When and Where To get an Upright Flexion/Extension MRI..

The only traumatic cause of Fibromylagia is Motor Vehicle Accidents .  see Fibromyalgia Is Only Induced by Motor Vehicle Trauma ?Whiplash Disease Makes one think whiplash and neck damage are involved in FM. Neurolgical findings of neck spine damage (cervical … Continue reading

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Chiari-Syringomyelia Resources

This is a disorder with brain outlet crowding and cysts in the spinal cord. Having this condition means that you likely will be treated very poorly by the medical community because imaging is poor and people don’t want to believe … Continue reading

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