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Treating Tooth Infection Early

I have had my share of tooth infections and this is what I have learned so far: 1) Once it’s abscessed nothing works but a root canal or extraction 2) early on, regular dosed antibiotics do nothing. There are options … Continue reading

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Upper Facial Pain Treatment- Home Based Sphenopalatine Block

About eye, forehead, and temple pains from headache source, or surgery can be disabling yet responsive to blocks of the back of nose. The description is laid out in an online article at: or you can read my version.

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Dental Nerve Injury

Yanking out a 3rd molar can damage the associated nerve, but done inferiorly, this just seems to create a numb chin most of the time. Dental implants however, can damage the nerve and leave persistent pain. Article found that early … Continue reading

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Does Gargling with Probiotic Align Help Persistent Sore Throat – and what else you can do.

Had one patient with persistent sore throat gargle with Align Probiotic with rapid improvement in pain – just used it once/day, Would be interested in anyone with similar response.

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Nasal Neuralgias – What to Do

A Nose pain issue with pain out of control could represent a nasal neuralgia with  a treatable injection regimen.

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Anterior Tongue Sore? – Consider Tooth Paste

3 cases submitted where the anterior tongue was sore because of the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in toothpaste

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Sjogren’s Dry Mouth Syndrome Responded to Bovine Clostrium and vitamin D

A vegetarian who develop Sjogren’s has zerostoma and sicca treated with B12 and Vit D without effect for 1 year. Adding bovine clostrium Lactobin improved things gradually.

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Mucositis Help by Zinc Sulphate 220 mg /day

Patients were followed during various stages of chemotherapy. and had 1/4 or less significant mucositis compared to control if took Zinc  Sufate 220 mg/day

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Acute Neck Pain and Pain on Swallowing – Longus Colli Tendonitis

Though often confused with an abscess, acute  anterior neck pain and stiffness associated with swallowing pain or globus, can be longus colli tendonitis. Calcificatrions might be seen on xray. Fortunately it last only a couple weeks on average

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Chemotherapy Induced Sore Mouth Mucositis – Cut Pain in Half with Topical Ketamine

Must be horrible to have a sore mouth with chemotherapy – ketamine  20 mg/5ml used four times daily reduced pain from 6 to 3 within days.

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Refractory Burning Mouth – Try Clonazepam and Venlafaxine

Venlafaxine (300 mg/d) and Clonazepam (5 mg/d) in Refractory Burning mouth – All responded with a reduction in pain from 8.6/10 to 3.2/10 after 3 months

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Recurrent Aphthous Ulcers – Minocycline 0.5% Mouth Rinse Treatment

Canker sores respond to tetracycline/minocycline rinses – 0.5% minocycline works best

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Burning Mouth Syndrome – Remarkable Improvement with Botulinum Injections

“16 units of incobotulinumtoxinA (100 units diluted in 2 mL of saline), 4 units into each side of the lower lip and 4 units into each anterolateral side of the tongue” – “The beneficial effects lasted up to 16 weeks … Continue reading

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Dysphonia Hoarseness Could be a Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Amazing discovery. While getting  Diagnostic Electrodiagnostic EMG needles stuck in dysphonic vocal cords,  some experienced a sharp pain (like one hitting a muscle trigger point). Subsequently, those that experience that, noted their dysphonia was better. Looking into it deeper, some … Continue reading

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Burning Mouth Syndrome – Could a Subgroup With Elevated B6 Levels be Helped by Stopping B6?

Recent study paradoxically found elevated B6 levels – up to 4 times normal in 1/6 of burning mouth cases and stopping B6 seemed to help in a case. Could this be of help in others?

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Maxillary Sinus Mucocele – Cause of Cheek Pain and Treatment

Patients with chronic allergies and chronic sinus conditions can end up with cysts in cheek sinus – the cyst does expand and causes remodeling pressure on bony margins and give pain with it. Sinus issues and pain in cheek? – … Continue reading

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New Effective Treatment for Intractable Sore Mouth Mucositis

0.05% Methylene Blue oral rinse therapy was cheap and effective treatment for mucositis from chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Amazing result could be big help.

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Can Pharyngeal GERD Be Cured?

Reflux into throat has a something in throat “globus “feel, throat clearing and annoying  cough. When ulcer “PPI”pills fail one author suggests injecting T5-6, 1 cm from spine, to influence sympathetic nerve trunks and gradually reset the nervous system – … Continue reading

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Bruxism – How do You Treat Besides Splints

Review on Bruxism Rx suggests splints, particularly mandibular advancement splints, clonidine or clonazepam, maybe botulinum, and nocturnal clenching biofeedback.

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Topical B12 helps Canker Sore Pain and what this means for Shingles –

Triamcinolone 0.1% topical oral ointment with 500ug B12/2 mg ointment outperformed plain triamcinolone adding credulance that frequent B12 injections into active shingles area helps. Question is whether it needs to be methylcobalamin  – B12 bioactive form for best topical effect.

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Burning Mouth Syndrome – Early? – Get treated For Herpesvirus

Case  Burning Mouth Syndrome under 6 month old was found to have high herpesvirus DNA in saliva, and improved with herpesvirus treatment (which also cleared the DNA from saliva)

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Aphthous Ulcer/Canker Sore – Pepto-Bismol Treatment

Simply applying pepto-bismol to a canker sore with a q-tip or “swish and spit”  for multiple sores can soothe irritated area within minutes

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Troubling Throat Pain – Lateral Thyrohyoid Ligament Syndrome – and There Really Must be a God…

Moderate pain over the upper lateral end of Thyroid cartilage in ligament between that point to hyoid bone  has recently been written up.  It is an obscure syndrome and I have not found anything on it before. The topic was … Continue reading

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Canker Sore – One Shot Treatment

Grind up a doxycyline tablet, put some on a denture adhesive and stick it on sore – one application doubles pain relief over time

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Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia (GN) Relief Manouver

GN causes sharp sudden pain in one side of pharynx (anterior neck) and lower jaw. It can be initiated by drinking cold drinks and food and by yawning. Enclosed is a case who found relief by “earlobe hyperextension and ear … Continue reading

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