Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia (GN) Relief Manouver

GN causes sharp sudden pain in one side of pharynx (anterior neck) and lower jaw. It can be initiated by drinking cold drinks and food and by yawning. Enclosed is a case who found relief by “earlobe hyperextension and ear rotation”.

A Curious Maneuver for Glossopharyngeal Neuralgic Pain Relief
Thiago C. Vale, MD; Ariovaldo A. da Silva-Júnior, MD; Rodrigo S. Gomez, MD; Antônio L. Teixeira, PhD
Headache  2011 in press

  • “earlobe hyperextension and ear rotation”.
  • Thoughts were that it might take pressure off the nerve or add a counter stimulation that shut down the pain.

Comment – anti-epilepsy drugs and neurovascular decompression are the usual treatments. I wrote a small blog note about how hyperventilation controlled an upcoming Trigeminal Neuralgia attack and got a comment that that idea was helpful. I hope this is helpful as well. air max 90 air max 90

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2 Responses to Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia (GN) Relief Manouver

  1. puja shah says:

    i have a GP neuralgia since 2yr.i don’t want to do the surgery.i have a left GPN.
    It is started in 2009 winter.and almost 3months it has been gone.Again it comes in 2010 winter and gone this time after 4months .So i thought this happened due to coldness .But then it came in may 2010.and gone in 2months .Then came in oct 2010 and cont.
    In between we have done one procedure of RF in Ahmedabad..Then apply that procedure on 9th oct with almost 65degree temp. And that’s why pain almost increasing and i can’t tolerate ..Today i m on majatol Tab.
    If there is any sol. plz concern me.
    puja shah

  2. Phil Watts says:

    And people think I’m stupid when I tell them that pulling my left earlobe (and swallowing hard) immediately takes the pain away! What a revelation to actually see that someone else has discovered this! I’ve suffered for seven years and now want the surgery; through naturally narrowing down the cause, I can only think that surgery is the next step; I’ve lost a business and a career through this ailment and my Doctor seems to think that’s ok!

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