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Plantar Fasciitis – New Helps – Simple PRP and Nerve Ablation

Results from simple measures such as heel cup and ankle dorsiflexion night splint are not vigorous so am forced to look further. Steroid injection in the 21st century is out because it thins the heel pad making further problems more … Continue reading

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Certain Orthopedic Issues over 70 yr Old – Easy Pain Help – low Dose Radiotherapy- But Will you ever see it?

Low dose Radiotherapy over age 70 has minimal risks but can often drop pain by 1.9/10 in following issues – sore heel and achilles pains, knee pains, and trochanteric bursitis.

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Persistent Plantar Fasciitis – TENS Like Stimulation of Low Impedance Spots Helps Resolve

Point stimulation has been found helpful in nummular headaches: Small Spot Body Pain Treatment – Pen like Electrical Skin Stimulation This case, involved treatment of persistent plantar fasciitis. Using a point probe (like an acupuncture point locator), Spots of … Continue reading

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Tip of Medial Malleolus- Possible Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis -Treatable Option – Os Subtibiale Bone Ossicle

Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis with medial ankle pain below medial malleolus is a difficult issue. The tendon is usually in process of tearing and so cortisone injection in not usually an option. On occcasion, a bone ossicle just below the medial … Continue reading

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Hopeless Case Of Lower Leg CRPS Helped by Pulsed Radiofrequency of Sciatic Nerve at Knee

Pulsed radiofrequency to dumb down treated nerve is becoming a useful adjunct to treating untenable pain CRPS states. Post hip fracture leg painv pain state left patient with VAS 6-7/10 with breakthru of 9/10.  Following dropped to 3/10 – after … Continue reading

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Foot Morton’s Neuroma – New Treatment – Capsaicin Injection

Mortons’s Neuroma can cause severe foot pains often between the bases of the 3rd-4th toes. Cortisone injection may lead to atrophy of tissues and more rubbing of area as result so options are needed. Injection 0.5 mls of 0.1% Capsaicin … Continue reading

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Midfoot Pains – Response to Injection

Over 1/2 of patients will get sustained relief of midfoot pain for 3 months with steroid injection

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