Can Pharyngeal GERD Be Cured?

Reflux into throat has a something in throat “globus “feel, throat clearing and annoying  cough. When ulcer “PPI”pills fail one author suggests injecting T5-6, 1 cm from spine, to influence sympathetic nerve trunks and gradually reset the nervous system – for relief.

Sympathetic Nerve Entrapment Point Injection as an Antireflux Procedure for Refractory Laryngopharyngeal Reflux:A First Case Report of Innovative Autonomic Regulation
Innovations in CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE 13(11-12), Nov-Dec. 2016

  • felt that the sympathetic nerve trunks can be twisted at T5/6 and set up Pharyngeal GERD as a result
  • Case of pharyngeal GERD unresponsive to PPI’s
  • injected 2.5 mls 0.5% lidocaine 1 cm lateal to spine process into tender point in multifidi.
  • Initially started with T3-6 levels
  • With repeated shots, sufferer with 10 years of “Laryngeaopharyngeal” Reflux recovered.

Comment – Going too deep during injection will ask for spinal numbness, and the potential for cardiovascular collapse that can go with it, so has to be more superficial. Don’t know what to think but would have felt better if local area changes in sympathetic nervous system were demonstrated.  Many years ago, a spot by T2 was found to be associated with stomach ulcers but doubt if treating it would get rid of ulcers..

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