Burning Mouth Syndrome – Could a Subgroup With Elevated B6 Levels be Helped by Stopping B6?

Recent study paradoxically found elevated B6 levels – up to 4 times normal in 1/6 of burning mouth cases and stopping B6 seemed to help in a case. Could this be of help in others?

Burning Mouth Syndrome and Vitamin B6
Wisam Dieb, Yves Boucher
Pain Medicine in press 2017

  • found 17% had up to 4 times normal B6 levels which corresponded to another study that found 3/16 = 18.9% had elevated levels.
  • ” We found also a significant positive correlation between the pain NRS value and vitamin B6 levels (R = 0.79, P = 0.009)”
  • in all but one, the cause of the elevation was unknown. The one case had reduction of pain with discontinued use of vitamin.

Comment – B6 at high does has been shown to have neurotoxic effects. A rare subgroup on vitamins with burning mouth might benefir by stopping the B6. One wonders if the high B6 levels in the others just marked some metabolic quirk that upped pain.. maillot de foot 2018 maillot de foot 2018

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