Mucositis Help by Zinc Sulphate 220 mg /day

Patients were followed during various stages of chemotherapy. and had 1/4 or less significant mucositis compared to control if took Zinc  Sufate 220 mg/day

Arbabi-kalati, Fateme, et al.
Evaluation of the efficacy of zinc sulfate in the prevention of chemotherapy-induced mucositis: a double-blind randomized clinical trial.
Archives of Iranian medicine 15.7 (2012): 413.

  • 220 mg zinc sulfate vs placebo

The incidence of grade 3 mucositis was lower in the zinc sulfate group. In the fir.rst follow up, grade 3 mucositis was detected in 10% of patients. In the placebo group, grade 3 mucositis was seen in 46.6% of patients.

By the fourth follow up, grade 3 mucositis was detected in 3.33% of patients in the intervention group and in 20% of patient in the placebo group.

At the end of the study there was no grade 3 mucositis detected in the zinc sulfate group, whereas there were 3.57% of patients in the placebo group with grade 3 mucositis.

The results also showed that zinc sulfate decreased the effects of xerostomia and pain in patients under chemotherapy treatment.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that zinc sulfate might decrease the intensity of mucositis.

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