Acute Neck Pain and Pain on Swallowing – Longus Colli Tendonitis

Though often confused with an abscess, acuteĀ  anterior neck pain and stiffness associated with swallowing pain or globus, can be longus colli tendonitis. Calcificatrions might be seen on xray. Fortunately it last only a couple weeks on average

SICOT J. 2017;3:48. doi: 10.1051/sicotj/2017032.
Longus colli tendinitis. A review of literature and case series.
Shawky A et al

  • average age 43 (21-81)
  • neck pain 100%
  • limited ROM 98.3%
  • trouble swallowing or globus feeling it throat -83.7%
  • normal temp
  • WBC slightly elevated
  • ESR average 31.6
  • CRP 24 (N= 0.3 – 91)
  • 76% soft tissue swelling 78% calcification


  • 131/242 NSAID sufficient
  • 20 cases took steroids
  • 13 cases got opioids
  • average duration was 12 days (1/2-42 range)

Commenbt -= about 1/10 got antibiotics to start with and I can see why if infection was in the differential. Causes is related to the calcifications. If it is anything like acute shoulder bursitis -it is when a calcification breaks open and slips out acidic contents.

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