What Can One Expect After a Hysterectomy?

Women after hysterectomy seem alarmed by bleeding. Yet Cervical Stump symptoms can cause persistent bleeding in 17% in the abdominal hysterectomy(SAH) group and 24% in the laparoscopic group(LSH). Chronic pain issues may not go away.

Obstet Gynecol Int. 2010;2010:989127. Epub 2010 Mar 14.
Long-term outcomes following laparoscopic and abdominal supracervical
Lieng M, Lømo AB, Qvigstad E. abstract here free article here

  • SAH – (9%) reported to experience regular periodic bleedings, and (8%) experienced irregular vaginal bleedings.
  • LSH group- (7%) experienced regular periodic bleedings, (10%) irregular bleeding patterns, (3%) bleedings in relation to sexual activity, and t (4%) a combination of regular and irregular bleedings which also were related to sexual activity.
  • All the women felt the bleeding was minimal

Pain-wise some continued to have problems:

  • 21% of women in the SAH group and 37% women in the LSH group reported continued menstrual/periodic pain though pains were less.
  • “women having a hysterectomy because of pain and/or endometriosis reported significant higher levels of remaining menstrual/ cyclical pain after both procedures.”

7% had a further related surgery after the hysterectomy because of postoperative bleeding, hematomas with secondary infection and adhesions.

Comment – On the whole , I suspect most would say it was worth it, but they should realize it is not a cure-all

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  1. Noela says:

    It would be helpful to have this information before surgery.

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