Endometriosis Involves Nerve Fiber Growth Disease – Not In Head

Womb lining (Endometrium)of those with endometriosis (those with womb lining outside the womb) have six times the nerve fivers in the emdometrial lining. This is got to hurt…

Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2011 Nov;284(5):1157-62.
Diagnosis of endometrial nerve fibers in women with endometriosis.
Aghaey Meibody F, Mehdizadeh Kashi A, Zare Mirzaie A, Ghajarie Bani Amam M, hariati Behbahani A, Zolali B, Najafi L.  abstract here

It has been previously shown that endometriosis blebs in the abdomen develop their own nerve supply making things unpleasant. Recently it has been show that wombs of those with endometriosis have more nerve fibers. Now a mere endometrial biopsy confirms the exeberant nerve growth supply in the womb. Nerve overgrowth has been seen in chronic tendonitis:

see: Does Pain “Grow” at Tendon injury sites? -and Treatment tennis elbow

It is clear their pain is not in their heads…Question is, how would one selectively denervate these areas…

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