Do Estrogen Creams Help Vulvodynia? – Maybe…

Estrogens, in 18-45 age group daily application, reduced dyspareunia 27% versus 3% in placebo though that was not considered statistically better due to small sample size – so answer is maybe…

J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2017 Mar 22. pii: S1701-2163(16)39061-2.
Treatment of Secondary Vestibulodynia with Conjugated Estrogen Cream: A Pilot,
Double-Blind, Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial.
Langlais EL et al

  • randomized 20 cases (need more like 80 in a good study)
    “swab test is performed by pressing a cotton swab on the vestibule and sliding it along the vestibular surface several times.” – looking for 4+/10 pain
  • used 0.5 gm cream nightly for 8 weeks

Comment – Answer is maybe – if they had a bigger sample load. They had some or subtle measures like erythema etc that were statistically better. Might be particularly useful peri-menopausal and later. golden goose femme golden goose femme

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