Effect Of Cushioning Insoles on Workplace Back, Foot and Knee Pains

Use of sorbothane insoles cut  back pains by 38%, foot pains by 37% and knee pains by 38%. Relief in back pain did not mean relief in another areas. Wonder if antifatigue covers would help more.

Workplace Health Saf. 2013 Oct 1;61(10):451-457.
The Effect of Cushioning Insoles on Back and Lower Extremity Pain in an Industrial Setting.
Jefferson JR.

  • Shop floors are obviously not meant for walking
  • insoles helped
  • “the workers who reported less low back pain wearing insoles were not the same workers who reported less foot pain wearing insoles.”

I know at Regina general Hospital, basement floor workers use anti-fatigue covers – here is an example of one:

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