Scar Pains – More Injections to Cure Than Think

I was taught that a simple intradermal injection of local could eliminate scar pains. Now it is becoming clearer that repeated injections are often needed and the addition of cortisone is often necessary for results.

Neural Prolotherapy.
Dr. Helene Bertrand.
CAOM meeting Vancouver 2015

  • case of scar pain post laminectomy.
  • repeated injections without steroid had little effect
  • repeated injections with triamcinolone 1 mg/mg (very little) resulted in gradual improvement with repeated injections


  • You can see little effect from repeated non-steroid injections but gradual improvements with.


Comment – I’m used to using 10 mg/ml triamcinolone so 1 mg/ml seems almost homeopathic. I’m starting first shot with 10 mg/ml and then switching to 1 mg/ml. Helene did comment that some atrophy of scar seems necessary. I stretch the scar various ways and that helps get relief as well. maillot de foot pas cher 2018 maillot de foot pas cher 2018

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