On Oxaliplatin Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer? Would taking Melatonin Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy?

In rodents, Melatonin helps prevent peripheral nerve damage from Oxaliplatin for colon cancer without reducing its cyotoxic effects on cancer. Doses were large, but I would give it a try..

J Pineal Res. 2017 Apr;62(3). doi: 10.1111/jpi.12393.
Melatonin prevents mitochondrial dysfunction and promotes neuroprotection by
inducing autophagy during oxaliplatin-evoked peripheral neuropathy.
Areti A et al

  • Oxaliplatin induces rapid onset of cold- induced distal dysesthesia followed by both sensory and motor issues in 80 -90% of cases
  • mitochondrial dysfunction is a part of that
  • melatonin has anti-oxidant properties
  • it reduces oxidative stress and improves neurogenesis
  • “melatonin did not compromise the anticancer activity of oxaliplatin”
  • doses in rats were huge – 10 mh/kg so unable to generalize to human
  • suggest take 10 – 20 mg hs and 1 mg with meals and try that…

Comment – another agent that stops chemotherapy peripheral neuropathy numbness/pain is L- Acetyl-Carnitine:

Prevent Chemotherapy Neuropathy With L-Acetyl Carnitine (LAC) – Please Take

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