Prevent Chemotherapy Neuropathy With L-Acetyl Carnitine (LAC) – Please Take

Peripheral Neuropathy can limit the extent of chemotherapy and hence have a direct effect on survival; L-Acetyl Carnitine at a dose of 3-5 gm/day can prevent that.

Mitotoxicity as the cause of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CPN)
Canadian Pain Society Meeting Winnipeg, Canada May 9, 2013
Gary J Bennett

  • Vinca alkaloid, taxane, platinum-agentr and proteasesome-inhibitor classes induce symmetric peripheral neuropathy with pain
  • Animal studies have delineated its effect to induction of swollen mitochondira in A-fiber and C-fiber primary afferent sensory neurons.
  • This effect can be blocked by L-acetyl carnitine 3-5 gms/day.
  • Peripheral neuropathy can cause such significant numbness and pain that chemotherapy will be terminated, and patient survival effected accordingly.

This protective effect has been known for over 10 years:

Paclitaxel and Cisplatin-Induced Neurotoxicity A Protective Role of Acetyl-L-Carnitine
Claudio Pisano et al
Clin Cancer Res November 15, 2003 9; 5756

their conclusion was :
“Conclusion: In conclusion, our results indicate that ALC is a specific protective agent for chemotherapy induced neuropathy after cisplatin or paclitaxel treatment without showing any interference with the antitumor activity of the drugs.”

Yet several years ago, when I asked a speaking oncologist about it, he pretended it was not certain. That is rubbish and cancer patients are potentially put in danger by not using it.

There is too much literature out there for me to go over so I will refer you to a google scholar search:

  • L-acetyl carnitine cannot be gotten in Canada but readily available in USA. However, it can easily be gotten off ebay as a powder. It may not make it through customs unless sent care of your doctor’s office.
  • It is and strongly vinegar smelling compound so must be put into capsules. A full OO gel capsule may be near 1 gm – take 3-5/day with food.

Comment – Had a lady who was found to have a B12 deficiency have chem0 – went very badly for her  – got numb half way up legs – that should be checked ahead of time.  I got in some LAC after-the-fact for her but it did not help much then. Had a gentleman with intestinal Lymphoma go thru chemotherapy. I gave him my LAC powder to fill gel caps with and take ahead of time  – and during. He finished chemo successfully and is in remission without trouble. This should become a standard of care… sac michael kors sac michael kors

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