Poor Pain Treatment – Here We Go Again

Back in the 1984, I listened to Dr. John Bonica admonishing Doctors over the poor treatment of cancer pain. I felt ashamed. Now, with the war of Chinese based Fentanyl washing over all use of opioids, cancer patients are again being targeted and living in undo pain. I had one patient with arrestedĀ  metastatic cancer having to deal with severe issues over her opioid use. My college actually wrote me about complaints and I sent her cancer clinic report and bone scan and told them that is all they needed to know. Now a human rights group has picked up on fact cancer pain patientsĀ  are forced to reduce their opioid doses. This is inappropriate in cancer cases and again I feel ashamed for the medical profession.

You can read about the problem here:
Human Rights Watch Investigating U.S. Pain Treatment
March 15, 2018
Pain News Network

I have to admit Doctors can be very stupid. It took them years to realize you needed to use sterile technique with deliveries, that a germ caused ulcers, and now it extends to opioid use as well – go for the fad – forget the patient.

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