DN4 Outperforms In Diagnosis of Cancer Neuropathy

Douleur Neuropathique in 4 Questions (DN4) proved more sensitive to neuropathic pain in cancer than the Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs (LANSS) – 87.5% for DN4 versus 68.1% for LANSS in sensitivity. However LANSS had slightly better specificity – 93.4% for LANSS versus 88.4% for DN4 – not that much difference though. I have always like the LANSS but this suggest the DN4 might be a better tool.

Eur J Pain. 2015 Jul;19(6):752-61. doi: 10.1002/ejp.598.
Prevalence of pain and relative diagnostic performance of screening tools for
neuropathic pain in cancer patients: A cross-sectional study.
Pérez C(1), Sánchez-Martínez N, Ballesteros A, Blanco T, Collazo A, González F,
Villoria J

  • 285 cases
  • About   1/3 of cancer victims had no pain

Of those in pain almost 2/3 were nociceptive with:

  • 20%  neuropathic and 17.5% mixed – a little over 1/3 having some neuropathic features

Reliability ratings:

  • sensitivity – 87.5% for DN4 versus 68.1% for LANSS .
  • specificity – 93.4% for LANSS versus 88.4% for DN4.

The DN4 is available easily on the web. Here is one version I saw:

Diagnosing Neuropathic Pain – DN4 Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire by ticking one answer for each item in the 4 questions below.

Question 1: Does the pain have one or more of the following characteristics?

1: Burning Yes No
2: Painful Cold Yes No
3: Electric Shocks Yes No

Question 2: Is the pain associated with one or more of the following symptoms in the same area?

4: Tingling Yes No
5: Pins and Needles Yes No
6: Numbness Yes No
7: Itching Yes No

Examination Of The Patient

Question 3: Is the pain located in an area where the physical examination may reveal one or more of the following characteristics?

8: Hypoesthesia to touch Yes No
9: Hypoesthesia to prick Yes No

Question 4: In the painful area, can the pain be caused or increased by:

10: Brushing ? Yes No


  • Score 1 to each YES answer
  • Score 0 to each NO answer
  • If the score is 4 or higher then the pain is likely to be neuropathic pain.
  • If the score is less than 4 then the pain is unlikely to be neuropathic pain

It relies heavily on

  • neuropathic pain (burning, painful cold)
  • neuralgic pain (shooting)
  • nerve loss(tingling, pins and needles and finding of numb patches on touching or pricking)
  • Hyperpathia –  a form or hypersensitivity that is painful – a painful sensation to brushing

Another recent study got similar results:
Comparing the DN4 tool with the IASP grading system for chronic neuropathic pain screening after breast tumor resection with and without paravertebral blocks: a prospective 6-month validation study
Faraj W. Abdallah et al
Pain 156(4) (2015) 740–74

  •  DN4  estimated at 90% sensitivity and 60% specificity


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