How Effective Are Forearm Straps And Wrist Splints For Tennis Elbow ?

Looks like extension wrist splint straps help a bit but tennis elbow bands don’t do much

J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2010 Apr 1. in print
A prospective randomized study comparing a forearm strap brace versus a wrist splint for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis.
Garg R, Adamson GJ, Dawson PA, Shankwiler JA, Pink MM. abstract here

I once read a forearm extension brace could cure tennis elbow in 6 weeks. That is obviously not true from results of this present study.

  • Forty-two patients (44 elbows) received either a wrist extension splint (Group I-24 elbows) or a counterforce forearm strap (Group II-20 elbows).


Well, extension wrist splint (used to be called cock-up wrist splints) was some better but neither was close to eliminating the pain.

Any comments?

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3 Responses to How Effective Are Forearm Straps And Wrist Splints For Tennis Elbow ?

  1. Chris Faubel says:

    Was there a placebo or at least control group? Regardless, my personal experience concurs with these findings. It wasn’t until I started inadvertently strengthening my extensors, that the pain began to subside.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Chris, and by the way, I like your blog at
    It covers a variety of interesting subjects.
    Mike M

  3. I was taught by the patent holder of the tennis elbow splint that its not considered curative. It can help with the pain by squeezing the muscles, and thus changing the direction of pull slightly hopefully away from injured tissues. The real question is why a suspected slight tear doesn’t heal, when most similar tears go on to uneventful healing elsewhere in the body. Stay tuned.

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