Tennis elbow and desperate – try Duloxetine

Two cases resistant to any treatment responded to Duloxetine suggesting complex origin.

J Med Case Reports. 2008 Sep 17;2(1):305
Duloxetine in treatment of refractory chronic tennis elbow: two case reports.
Wani ZA, Dhar SA, Bhat MF, Rather YH, Shiekh S. abstract
1) Two asian ladies – 18 months pain – a red flag already. Almost 100% of the asians I see in pain are deficient in Vitamin D – which is associated with pain experience. I use Osto D2 50,00- one weekly on these cases.

2) Duloxetine 60 mg for 4-6weeks for relief , and then ongoing – not exactly an anti-neuropathic dose which usually requires 60 mg x2 = 120 mg.

any tennis elbow tales?

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